Opinion on the Casey Anthony Trial

I have not followed the Casey Anthony trial closely.

I think it says something terrible about our society that a murder trial should become entertainment. There is something grimly unhealthy about that. In my opinion, such trials should never allow TV cameras. And so, mostly I did not pay attention.

However, I will say this: I was not surprised at the verdict, and it shows that our legal system is working. From the bits and pieces that I was exposed to, it seemed clear to me that, had Casey Anthony been convicted of murder, it would have been based on opinion.

I saw nothing at any time that conclusively proved that Casey Anthony committed murder.

She clearly did some awful things, and some stupid things, but maybe she went nuts when she found out about her child. Or, maybe she is guilty as sin. But while there is a lot of proof that terrible things happened, nothing conclusive had her name on it. The investigation and prosecution failed to tie any irrefutable hard evidence to Casey Anthony.

There’s no doubt that a murder was committed, however. And I bet there’s a special place in hell reserved for those who murder (or molest) children.


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