Palin Derangement Syndrome

The recent release of Sarah Palin’s emails to the public; the massive media effort to analyze them, looking for dirt; and their abject failure to find any, reveals the depravity of the mainstream media. At every turn, they find that Sarah Palin is exactly who she says she is, and the idiotic liberal media circus is the funniest thing I’ve seen in months.

Think about it: hundreds of lefties going through every record they can get their hands on. No dirt. Amazing. If Palin does decide to run for President, there will never have been another candidate as thoroughly checked out as she has been.

The liberal mainstream media – and Washington, for that matter – they don’t know how to handle somebody that hasn’t got any dirty little secrets. They just can’t believe it!

They didn’t think anybody like that existed!

I think it’s instructional that they had to go just about as far away from Washington DC as you can get (and still be in the United States), to find someone like her.


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