10,000 Engineers

Obama claims he’s going to introduce a program to train 10,000 engineers per year. That’s just a peachy idea, but:

1) Who’s going to pay for it?

2) Who’s going to hire them? Looks to me like we’ll have a whole bunch of unemployed engineers working at the Dairy Queen.

Shucks, Obama visited the company Cree, Inc. today, holding it up as a success of his policies. Cree makes LED’s, and it holds a lot of promise, as a technology. However, Cree received $39 million in stimulus aid, and then moved thousands of jobs to China to save money. How about this – lets root for American products and reward companies that keep employees here?

Clearly, Obama is all about jobs: just not here, in the U.S.A. Witness the 16 coal fired electricity generating plants that are closing because of the strict rules his EPA is using as a club against the American energy sector. And that is just in Texas. There goes quite a few thousand jobs, not just at those plants, but also at the lost business for all the businesses that support them – equipment suppliers, and the like.

If Obama wanted more jobs here in the USA, we’d drill here, drill now, and drill a LOT – many thousands of jobs right there. We’d expand every opportunity to go after the natural gas we now know is available. We’d convert our cars to run on natural gas (more jobs!) which is not only relatively cheap and easy to do with existing technology, but is demonstrably more ecologically viable than electric cars. And that would allow us to quit sending half a trillion dollars overseas every year to buy oil.

Problem solved. But Obama will never allow it. It doesn’t fit in his delusional vision of the future.


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  1. What-do-I-know-anyway? says:

    As an engineer formerly unemployed for a year, I can testify that there are not going to be jobs for all of those students. Besides, why work so hard to be an engineer when bankers and politicians make so much more money (And I’m not even talking about the corrupt ones)?

    If Obama wants to bring jobs to America, we have to bring back manufacturing and make it easier for those small businesses to succeed… carbon taxes and higher energy prices and increasing the tax burden aren’t helping!

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