Perry – or Palin – for President!

It would be so cool if the Republican ticket turned out to be Texas governor Rick Perry and Sarah Palin. And I don’t really care which one runs for President.

Sarah Palin, who believes pretty much the same way I do on many issues, and who has shown herself to be very intelligent and knowledgeable in her many Facebook postings about current events. She is also probably the most thoroughly vetted potential candidate in history, and though the left has spent enormous resources to find some dirt on her, the liberal media have totally failed to find any. If only they had done the same sort of diligence on Obama before 2008!

And then there is Rick Perry, who also believes the same way I do on most issues, and is the governor of Texas – which is the state which has added 45% (or 37%, depending on whose statistics you use) of ALL net new American jobs since the recovery began. Let’s say that again: 45% of all net job growth in the U.S. since the recovery began is in Texas!

Obviously, Rick Perry knows something about creating job growth. Need a job? Vote for Rick Perry!

NOBODY else has a record like that.


(Thanks to John Lott for the numbers!)

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2 Responses to Perry – or Palin – for President!

  1. loopyloo305 says:

    I like Rick Perry, but I would much rather see a SArah Palin/Herman Cain or Sarah Palin/Allen West ticket. I think the excitement factor would be out of this world. I also think both of those men would make better VP and future Pres. than Perry. He is good but not quite as good as those two in my book!

    • Popgun says:

      Hi, Loopyloo305;
      Of course these people aren’t even in the race yet, but I would stick with my picks, I think. Perry in particular has the longest history of running a state of any governor, and, as my post mentions, has produced the most jobs in these difficult times of any state. He’s pro-gun, pro-life, and pro-business and energy.
      Nonetheless, there’s nothing wrong with Herman Cain or Allen West.

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