A Cool Thing Sarah Palin is Doing

One of the things Sarah Palin has been doing that I really like is her frequent posting on her facebook page.


Sarah Palin is doing something unique in history, so far as I know: she is giving a running commentary on current events as they happen. She explains the problems and presents her thoughts in a clear, informal way that I find really refreshing.

By itself, that is not any big deal, but the fact that she is a potential presidential candidate means that this gives us a unique view into her thinking processes; an idea of her real knowledge of world events and foreign policy; and the ability to see what she would do, were she president now. We get the chance to see how she would deal with all these problems we’re having. This gives us a real insight into how she might handle future issues.

I don’t see where any other candidate (including Obama) is doing anything similar; many of them use websites and post formal statements; but they all appear to be drawn up by some committee, to appeal to their targeted audience. Those statements are uniformly designed to elicit a response in the public; they are not designed to illuminate the thinking of the politician in question.

Sarah Palin simply tells you what she thinks. What a novel concept!

This is an invaluable tool for the electorate who, if she runs, should evaluate all the candidates in all these areas before casting their vote. I wish all the candidates would do this very thing, because it helps us know what we’re going to get if we vote for her.

It will be very interesting, in the event that Palin actually gets elected, to see if she keeps this up. A president that tells you what’s going on! It would be marvelous!

Had Obama demonstrated such “transparency” during his campaign, it is quite unlikely that he would be president, today. If there’s ever been someone that should be sued for false advertising, Obama is he. Everything Obama says is intended to manipulate the listener is some way. He’s been president for almost three years now, and still nobody knows what he’s thinking. If he is.

Obama ran on a platform promising transparency – and Sarah Palin is delivering it!

– Popgun

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2 Responses to A Cool Thing Sarah Palin is Doing

  1. loopyloo305 says:

    Isn’t it great to see someone honest and open!

  2. Paul Hinman says:

    Like the delusional Emperor Who Wore No Clothes, the only person who thinks Obama is transparent is . . . Obama. . . . and the media that is fabricating his public image. BP

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