Mental States

The USA has a big problem, pretty much like most of the world. Since we here in the USA use the vote to make certain major decisions, we may be more vulnerable to this weakness than some other countries.

The weakness is this: that for our system of government to work properly, the majority of citizens must be capable of rational thought, cogent analysis, and clear thinking on major issues. Also, they must be well-informed, so they can make good decisions.

Right now, a large percentage of the population is failing in at least some of these areas. And the mainstream news media is failing to providing unbiased and complete information.

Take for instance the current situation with our nation’s debt. Fully half the country is in denial.

Medicare, social security, and many other programs cannot continue for very much longer without economic failure, because there simply is not revenue sufficient to pay for them. That’s a fact. Another fact: raising taxes will nat raise enough revenue to make any significant difference.

Let’s say it another way: we, as a nation, have been spending money that we didn’t have, as if it simply didn’t matter that we were borrowing it.

The liberal left / democrats are refusing to believe that we’re at the bottom of the barrel. They are staring in disbelief at the threat letter from their credit card company (i.e. the American people). They want the votes of those people who are so uneducated that they figure all that free stuff coming from the government can go on forever. So the Democrats have turned a blind eye to the reality of the situation.

I have never in my life seen so many people apparently incapable of seeing what is right in front of them. Of course, this is not helped by the left-leaning media which wants the people ignorant of the reality. If the people are ignorant and dependent on the government, they tend to vote Democrat. And so you have people like Harry Reid lying about how the Republicans are going to destroy Medicare and Social Security, when in fact, they may manage to save it, albeit in altered form.

Make no mistake about it, no matter what Harry Reid says, Medicare and Social Security, and many other programs, are already doomed. That is the ugly fact that the Democrats and the liberal media want to obscure from your sight. These things cannot continue as they are; it’s not going to continue as it is, no matter what any politician tells you. So things are going to change; the only difference we can make is to try to control the change gracefully, as opposed to letting it all fall apart. The Democrat / liberals / unconcerned dreamers say this isn’t going to happen. They are delusional. The numbers don’t lie.

It is not a choice to continue as we were, or change. Change is now inevitable.

The rest of us can see the wreck coming, and it is not going to be pretty.

In America, the government is authorized by the people. What we are seeing, and are about to see, is what happens when the people simply don’t care enough (or know enough) to pay attention to what the government is doing. It’s like driving, getting distracted, and taking your hands off the wheel – the results are a surprise to nobody except the driver.

With proper management (financial conservative and a majority), we might be able to ameliorate the problem, if it is not too late. We’re not coming out of this unscathed either way. It is certain that the present administration has no interest in doing anything to help the situation.

The funny thing (in a grim way) about the situation is that this administration has done everything it could to implement socialism; and the very socialism they espouse carries the seeds of its own failure; because it just doesn’t work financially; it never has, and it never will.


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3 Responses to Mental States

  1. Paul Hinman says:

    Of all the things I can fault the president of the United States for, (and I haven’t the time to stay up tonight and list them all,) I can’t blame him for the change. It’s one of the few campaign promises he didn’t lie about; the man did indeed promised change. In 2008 this tsunami of first time voters, devoid of rational thought, cogent analysis, and clear thinking, flooded the polling places. They were in such an all fired hurry to vote this particular person in, they never once bothered to do a background check on him to discover what kind of change he represented.

  2. Paul Hinman says:

    If it was shortsightedness, it was self inflicted. In our present generation if you have any personality defect, you can get it excused if you give it a clinical name. So let’s just name it ‘entitlement astigmatism.’ Those second and third generation welfare recipients who have discovered that you can make a living off of other peoples sweat, have long since learned not to bite the hand that feeds them, and ignore that the other hands holds a yoke of slavery. They have blinded themselves to the fact their children, and our children, and our children’s children, will have to pay later for what they are living off of today.
    I feel no guilt or shame for drawing my social security after retirement. I paid into it all my adult life with a percentage of my earned wages. I was never given a choice if I wanted to participate. It was taken from me before I ever had my hands on it. The way it was originally established, it would never have been a drain on the American public. It was supposed to be self-sustaining. But the American public at large, like these first time voters, have yet to learn that any time politicians set up an agency of any kind “for the good of the public”, it has less to do with the good of the public, and much to do with government control over our money, and more to do with control of our lives.
    The very thing that made America unique among the nations of the world, our freedom to vote for a representative government, is turning out to be the very thing that will lead to our destruction. But the politicians who perpetuate this fatalistic financial agenda, cannot be blamed either, because they also must be victims of “entitlement astigmatism.” They were only doing it “for the good of the public.” But when I search out my soul, I can’t generate any sympathy for them. NADA
    Scripture says to let the blind lead the blind, they shall both fall into the pit. But the trouble with this whole scenario is they are going to drag down the sighted with them.
    “Even so Lord, come quickly.”

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