Who Has Obama Annoyed – and Who Likes Him?

I asked myself the question – who has Obama annoyed or pissed off? And I worked up this list. I could be wrong. What follows are my undisciplined ruminations and my own opinions. No documentation to speak of, just opinion. Your mileage may vary.

Who has Obama Pissed Off?

Anybody living in West Texas, of which around a million acres have burned. Especially since Obama sent aid to Mexico for fires – but not Texas. For political reasons.

Anybody that lives within 500 miles of our border with Mexico, after his stupid, tasteless jokes about moats and alligators. He apparently does not understand – or more likely, doesn’t care – that we have a real, actual problem down here, and people are dying due to his administration’s actions, including government-sponsored gun-running to the drug cartels in Mexico.

Most people that work for a living, and pay taxes.

Any business owner, but especially small business owners.

My family doctor, for one, who sees ObamaCare as a power grab by liberal statists.

Any person who would like to work for a living, but has lost his job due to the recession – and has not had another opportunity because of Obama’s handling of the economy.

Anybody that does not believe it is appropriate to bow to foreign dictators and make nice with those who would rather you were dead.

Anybody that believes (as I do) that U.S. Constitutional protections apply only to U.S. citizens, and particularly not to terrorists who truly want us all dead.

Anybody that believes that only U.S. citizens should be allowed to vote in U.S. elections.

All who believe that the U.S. Constitution is a good thing. Even (especially!) the Second Amendment.

Everybody that buys gasoline.

Everybody in the oil business. Or who used to be in the business, before Obama shut down drilling in the gulf, putting many, many thousands out of work.

Everybody that might get into the oil business, if only we were allowed to drill.

Everybody affected by inflation, or the rising price of gasoline.

Anybody that clings to their Bibles and their guns.

Anybody that makes $250,001.00 a year.

Anyone who doesn’t think that the government is capable of managing health care properly. Or the post office, for that matter.

Anybody who thinks that we really are going to have to pay off the enormous, incredible amount that Obama has personally added to the national debt.

Anybody who thinks Obama is having way too much fun (golf, parties, vacations, extremely expensive plane rides in order to campaign).

Anybody who has been racially discriminated against – who isn’t black – since Attorney General Holder won’t prosecute such cases.

Anyone who does not want their income to be “redistributed”.

Probably every native of Arizona.

The British.

The entire state of Israel.




The CIA, who Obama insists on prosecuting for doing their jobs.

The hundreds of Christians that Muslims murdered in Syria recently, about which Obama didn’t say a word.

Anybody that’s been patted down a little too aggressively by the TSA.


And, who LIKES Obama?

Muslims everywhere (except bin Laden).

Labor Unions (they pretty much own him).

California (but they’re all crazy, anyway).




Global Warming believers.



Hugo Chavez.

Brazil, for which Obama is funding offshore drilling so we can buy oil from them.

Most foreign governments that used to be our enemies (well, actually, still are…)

George Soros.

Bill Ayers, unrepentant domestic terrorist.

Reverend “God Damn America” Wright.

Louis Farrakhan.

Abortionists and their customers.

Anybody who intends to live on welfare for the rest of their lives.

Illegal aliens.

Mexican drug cartels, who get most of their guns from Obama, and who also appreciate the open borders.

The TSA, who mostly owe their jobs to Obama.

Most people who work for the government, but especially those hired as a result of ObamaCare and similar increases in bureaucracy.

All those who hate the United States and wish for its destruction.


All of these are right off the top of my head. Feel free to post any that I may have missed.


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