Senator Schumer is an Idiot

Senator Schumer is calling for a TSA style no-ride list – for trains. This is unutterably stupid, because of the difference between planes and trains.

As John Lott points out, to protect trains, you have to protect all those thousands and thousands of miles of tracks. You don’t have to be ON a train to take it out.

So a no-ride list is absolutely pointless – and would be very expensive. Your tax dollars would pay for every single security agent, scanning machine, etc. required to implement any such ID requirement.


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5 Responses to Senator Schumer is an Idiot

  1. loopyloo305 says:

    It’s just an excuse to get more power over what people do and where they go. All it would do would cause even more chaos and enable the terrorists. I would imagine that a checkpoint where masses of people were gathered would be a good place for a suicide bomber, wouldn’t you? They did that in Afghanistan, and they did similar things in Greece and Italy in the 70’s. Perhaps someone should ask Senator Schumer if he understands that it would put even more people in danger.

  2. Crotalus says:

    He always was an idiot. He hates the Bill of Rights, too. Most anti-gun senator we have, and considering there’re also Boxer and Feinstein, that sayin’ something.

  3. Paul Hinman says:

    Without debating the IQ of Senator Schumer, I think he is right on target- for an administration that is bulldog-set on destroying the economy of America, and giving the government more and more control of our lives. B.P.

  4. Billll says:

    Putting on my terrorist hat for a moment, I would support Sen Schumer all the way. After all, if I was planning to set off a small bomb on the tracks, just before a bridge, I sure wouldn’t want any of MY people on that train.

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