Exposing the Fraud

This cartoon by Day by Day concisely explains what the DOJ has been up to.

This administration has a history of ignoring the Constitution, and the laws of this nation. If Obama can’t get the congress to pass laws he likes, he decrees by executive order, or one of his pet agencies such as the EPA issue rules and mandates. They’ve tried to “back-door” cap and trade that way, and they’ve tried to make all lead-based ammo (nearly all ammo) illegal by these means, both through the EPA. They’ve failed so far only because we’ve been paying attention.

This administration’s justice department only enforces the laws they feel like enforcing; they won’t enforce DOMA and they won’t enforce immigration laws, for a couple of examples. They sue states, such as Arizona, who try to enforce those same laws. They refuse to prosecute crimes involving racial prejudice unless the victim is black.

They refuse to protect our borders. They refuse to enforce our laws. They try to pass more laws in ways that bypass the Constitutional procedures. So what good are they?

They want to take away our guns, and our right to own guns; their solution is to set up a situation that makes that seem reasonable. 92% of American guns in drug cartel hands were provided by the U.S. government under Obama.

Liars, cheaters, and crooks, every one of them.


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5 Responses to Exposing the Fraud

  1. Paul Hinman says:

    Birth certificate not withstanding, I still gotta wonder if Obama is really one of us. B.P.

  2. Crotalus says:

    He’s not. There are two things that he is: he is a black man with the “victimized by America” mentality, and it’s payback time, and (I believe) he is a closet Muslim. The one thing he is not: an American, birth certificate notwithstanding.

  3. What-do-I-know-anyway? says:

    Hey, curious about the statistic at the end there…
    “92% of American guns in drug cartel hands were provided by the U.S. government under Obama.”

    Can you provide me a citation for that by any chance?

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