What Do We Know?

Well, I’ve been watching the news relating to the alleged death of Osama bin Laden, and I’m confused. Apparently, so is the White House. The story has changed so many times that history will probably never know exactly what went down.

I understand that there is room for a mistake or so in the data, but this administration has been wrong on almost every important detail. I won’t enumerate them here, there are simply too many, and it’s already been done. This article has a pretty good run-down on the mistakes / errors / distortions.

Is bin Laden dead? There is no reasonable doubt. After all, our government tells us he is. It’d be awfully embarrassing if he popped up again after this, so they would make sure he doesn’t, and the simplest way to do that is to make sure he is dead.

A picture would be helpful, but these days even a picture isn’t absolute proof, as any UFO enthusiast can tell you. Though they should provide the pictures. The pictures themselves will not incite any more response than whatever is already in the works.

But because of the way this administration muffed the presentation of the data, this historic incident is always going to be tinged with a bit of doubt about what really went on. Think about incidents such as the death of Hitler, or the assassination of JFK; it’s going to be like that, with people spending the next 50 years speculating about what really went down.

Why doesn’t our illustrious government just provide the data feed, raw? Video, radio transmissions, everything that does not compromise national security. After all, that data is part of the historical record, and the unmodified, unfiltered raw data is the truth.

Filtering facts through a politician is – well – problematical, by definition. Because a politician always wants to find a way to make things look good.


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