He Needed Killin’

I have heard it said that in Texas, “He needed killin’” is a legal defense. Not true, of course.

But in the case of Osama Bin Laden, – he needed killing.

To whatever extent credit is due, that makes two things Obama has done right. The other being when he authorized those Navy snipers to take out those pirates a couple of years ago.

Much kudos to our military and intelligence personnel who made it possible and actually did the work.


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3 Responses to He Needed Killin’

  1. Crotalus says:

    Yep. He needed killing, hopefully with pig-dipped weaponry. I base that last on the idea that they think if they die tainted with anything porcine, Allah will reject them, and send them to their hell, even if they die a martyr’s death. Let them know terror first-hand as they die.

    That said, of course, he knew terror after he died as he stood before, not Allah, but Jesus. Once dead, his sins found him out, and there was no more salvation!

    Now, on to Obama. Seems a lot of people commenting on other (non-gun) blogs are laughing at Bush over this. They conveniently forget (or outright overlook) a few things:
    *Obama had promised to end the War on Terror by just walking away from it, not winning it.
    *Obama promised to close Gitmo; he has not done so.
    *He bows to other countries’ leaders, and apologises for America every time he’s on the global stage.
    *His domestic and fiscal policies are hideous, and meant to, MEANT to, I say, destroy America.
    *I believe that he and Eric Holder are up to their necks in this “Project Gunwalker” scandal, and they will use those padded “U.S. guns to Mexico” numbers, if he gets a second term, for some really draconian gun control schemes, if not for the outright repeal of the 2A and subsequent total gun ban.

    I believe that Obama did two things right so far. He authorized the killing of those pirates a couple of years back, and he authorized the stealth operation that got Osama.

    But the rest of his actions make me think that the worst terrorist is still in office.

    • Popgun says:

      You know, Crotalus, I really like that pig-fat idea.

      I saw another blog this morning that mentioned bin Laden’s 72 virgins or however-many they are supposed to get. It was accompanied by a picture of a bunch of nuns with guns. Now that’s funny, I don’t care who you are…


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