Who’s Running Against Obama?

I’m beginning to be disturbed by the lack of a strong conservative candidate for POTUS. Nobody seems to be a particularly outstanding candidate. I think that’s why everybody was so intrigued by Trump. At least he made a blip on the radar for a few weeks.

The Democrats are, as far as I am concerned, all liberal; they’ve brought us to the brink of disaster and I won’t vote for any liberal / progressive candidate, period. In either party; but I will assume by default that any Democrat is contaminated by the progressive / liberal disease.

The Republicans, however, haven’t done us much good, either. The Tea Party message of fiscal responsibility is just beginning to be heard. The Republican Party and the Tea Party overlap but are not congruent. There is some liberal / progressive infiltration into the Republican side – they call them Rino’s.

As far as potential conservative candidates go:

I won’t vote for Romney for several reasons – I’ve seen him flip-flop too much, and he instigated RomneyCare. We don’t need any more universal health legislation, thank you very much. So I won’t vote for Romney in the primaries, although I will if he winds up running against Obama. Me failing to vote against Obama in the next election will happen only because A) I am dead, or B)… well, wait – there is no B).

I suppose it is theoretically possible that somebody might run on the conservative side that I think would be worse than keeping Obama in there, but it is awfully hard to imagine.

I would vote for Paul Ryan, if he ran; he was the first kid on the block with an actual plan to get us out of this mess. I don’t know what he believes in other areas, though. But I like what I see so far.

I would vote for Sarah Palin. The left has tried to portray her as an idiot, uneducated, mindless, etc. But she does keep popping up with little items that later turn out to have been correct, ahead of many other predictors. And her personal values are well matched with mine. Anybody that attacks her on the basis of experience level has to confront the fact that Obama had even less experience (which is now painfully obvious). Palin ran Alaska, and Obama hasn’t run a lemon-aid stand, up until a bunch of gullible people made him President.

I would vote for Michelle Bachmann, probably. I believe she shares many of my beliefs, but to be fair I have not studied her in much depth yet.

There are quite a few other candidates that are just as appropriate as these.

Having said all that, I’ll also say this: I’ll vote for any conservative that runs against Obama.

Especially if they are pro-life, pro-gun, pro-drilling, in favor of closing our borders first, and don’t think that bending over is a normal part of international diplomacy. But that’s icing on the cake. The main thing is to shut Obama down before he succeeds in destroying this country. Even today, I don’t know if he is intentionally working against our country – but his actions are consistently detrimental to it, and in a big way.


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  1. ike says:

    I am hoping that Mitch Daniels, Gov of Indiana runs. He has a long record of accomplishment in both private life and public. He recognizes that the debt has to be the over-riding issue this election. The evil party hates him. I hope the stupid party recognizes what a superior candidate he is. He is everything the current president is not. I enjoy your blog…

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