Barbarians Within

Whatever happened to our sense of common decency?

Wonkette posts an extremely distasteful and derogatory article about a child with Down’s Syndrome. I did not read the original article; rather, I read quotes in a several other sources. I am not going to give this low-life a hit on their blog.

Of course, the goal of this scum-of-the-earth was to hurt Sarah Palin. So this young special-needs child is a target in the mind of this low-life hater.

I don’t know, nor care, who the author is; I do know they are not my social equal, regardless of their “popularity” whoever they are. I was brought up better than that. I have zero respect – no, let’s make that negative respect, for the type of people who make unprovoked attacks on the helpless. These people are, literally, beneath contempt.

I feel the same way about anybody that attacks family members of any political figure. It is distasteful and unnecessary, and diminishes the person who does it. For instance, Michelle Obama is fair game – she is, herself a politician. Her kids are not fair game. Whatever they do is their business, not mine. This defines who is fair game.

How does such low-life acquire a voice in the political discourse? Why does anybody, having heard their message once, ever listen to them again? People who think in those terms should be shunned by all honest, moral people. Period. And that’s why you won’t find that person’s name here.

It’s all about manners, politeness, decency and also honesty. A huge amount of the nasty mudslinging that goes on is simply fabricated crap. Witness so much of the purely fictional lies that were spread around by the left against Sarah Palin and her family from the beginning of her advent on the national stage. The Palins are normal, honest, well-intended people with a strong interest in how our country is run. For this, they were accused of everything from incest to fraud – all of it simply lies.

I’m not really writing about the Palin family, here; the attacks against them are just the most convenient examples of the kind of attacks perpetrated by these dishonorable writers, bloggers, pundits, comedians, etc.

So that defines what is fair game. Views, actual history, quotations, expressed intentions – those are fair game. If you have to lie to make a point, you are in the wrong. That’s not fair, nor is it honest.

We need to clean up the political discourse in this country. Personal attacks should be completely off the table; we need to evaluate our leaders, and potential leaders, by what they say and what they do – not by the medical condition of their children, for instance.

The best way we can do this is by turning our back on those who offend us with their manner of attack. Turn your back on those who lie; don’t listen to personal attacks on family members; let us put those slime-balls out of business by not giving them our attention.

Let’s keep it civil.


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