Talking Heads

A talking head Democrat whose name I didn’t catch, being interviewed on Fox News a few minutes ago asserted (with a straight face) that the people now want compromise between the Democrats and the Republicans.

The only time Democrats want compromise is when they can’t get what they want by telling Conservatives to sit down and shut up (as witness Nancy Pelosi’s attitude when she was in charge of the House). In the current situation, they know that if they don’t compromise, none of their agenda will be implemented; thus, their sudden urge to “compromise” with conservatives. The second they have control, compromise goes right out the window.

Now, I know that there are quite a few people – mostly Democrats, liberals and progressives – who don’t agree with me. But let me explain to Mr. Talking Head Democrat – no, we do NOT want compromise. At least, me, my family, and pretty much everyone I know and work with feel this way. As regards the federal budget, we want Paul Ryan’s plan, or something similar, because we know that you liberals have lead us to the very brink of ruin, and are trying very hard to take us the rest of the way.

The only time Democrats / Progressives / Liberals embrace bipartisanship is when it is the only way they can advance their radical causes. With these people, “compromise” is only something that happens when it is in their favor.


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