Government Shut Down

Wouldn’t it be funny if the government shut down, and nobody noticed?

On a more serious note, I do have a few specific observations and comments:

First, not paying military salaries is a no-no, in my book. The day military personnel don’t get paid, but are not allowed to come home with an honorable discharge, is the day our military becomes a slave army.

Second, this situation has arisen because the Democrats, who at the time had control of the House, Senate and the White House, failed to do their job last year and pass a budget. They could have done it, their mandate is to do it; and they chose not to do it, so as not to shed light on the incredible spending spree they have been on. Democrats simply did not do their main job; just as the Wisconsin Democrats went to another state to avoid doing their job. What is it with Democrats, that they can’t be relied on to do their jobs?

Third, I take a dim view of all these Democrats who make ridiculous claims against conservatives. For instance, some lame-brain liberal Democrat claimed the Republicans are there to “kill women”. I’ve heard several (Harry Reid, among others) say the Republicans are acting to hurt women’s “health care” in some of the bargaining that is going on.

And about “women’s health care”: Let’s get one thing straight on the terminology: The women’s “health care” the Democrats want my tax dollars to fund is elective abortions: baby murder for the convenience of women, who apparently lack morals and a conscience. In my book, there is a vast difference between health care and baby murder. Such a contrast, in fact, that it is the height of sick irony that they mis-name it like that, trying to hide (even from themselves) the implications of what they want to do. The truth is, abortion is pure evil – about as evil as you can get on this earth. A person who contemplates or performs elective abortion is about as far from God as you can get.

They probably drown kittens and puppies, too.

The least thing these Democrat Liberal Progressive women could do is pay for it themselves. Insisting on using my tax dollars to commit infanticide is – well – horrifying.

Funny, all the different things that come up when you start talking about the federal budget. Most of them shouldn’t even be the business of the government at all.


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2 Responses to Government Shut Down

  1. loopyloo305 says:

    The same people who want to hang the criminal who kills a puppy, don’t blink an eye at killing a baby!!! Insane!!

  2. What-do-I-know-anyway? says:

    A little different than the last comment…

    I believe that the majority of the women out there who have had an abortion secretly regret it. That said, those who are still for it are also much more likely to be the ones who would like to throw somebody in jail (which costs the tax payer even more) because they threw some kittens/puppies in a sack with some rocks into the river.

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