Extreme Views

Senator Schumer (D-NY) claims the Tea Party movement is “extreme”, after being told to say so by the Democratic caucus. So, like a good little Democrat, he spreads their lies and misinformation.

I’m not a member of the Tea Party, but I share most of their views. Personally, it seems to me rather extreme of the Democrats to attempt to force the entire country to live on credit, when most of us realize this is not much less evil than, for instance, intentionally driving a school bus full of kids off a cliff.

Where I live, a person that abuses credit to the point that they can’t stay ahead of the payments is considered shifty, no-account, lacking good judgement, unreliable, irresponsible, and not to be trusted. Schumer and his ilk want our entire country to be that way.

The difference is that when an individual does that, he’s got a problem but it doesn’t hurt anybody else. His family won’t let him starve. When the whole country does it, there is nobody else to pick us up; what will follow is catastrophe, and everybody will get hurt. And when it happens, I truly hope Senator Schumer and these other progressive / liberals are perceptive enough to understand just how very wrong they have been.

Memo to Senator Schumer: You should realize that the Tea Party is no longer a minority. YOUR viewpoint is suspect, sir. You live in a progressive / liberal stronghold, surrounded by people just like you, and you think your views are mainstream – but they are not.

I just hope that we can save the country from the damage you and your kind have inflicted on it. Before it is too late.


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