A Look at Obama’s Libya Strategy

Looks to me like there is no way the Libya situation will end without Obama (and the U.S.) having egg on our collective chins.

Obama announced that he wants Qaddafi out of there. Yet he implements no (known) direct action to make it happen.

Instead, it was announced that the supposed purpose of this action was to prevent a massacre (which no one will ever know if it would have actually happened, of course). Obama claims this invasion (woops, Kinetic Military Action) is a humanitarian effort designed to save lives, but he wouldn’t move without the formation of a coalition (to spread the blame around). Kind of makes you wonder just how sincere his humanitarian desire is, that he did not act immediately.

I wonder how many people died while he was dithering around getting permission from the UN and so forth.

It also reminds me that what would be a crime if one person does it is often perfectly fine if a bunch of people do it. A proposition with which I morally disagree.

And Obama admits it took a month or more to put the coalition together. So, why did he not use this time to follow Constitutionally mandated rules and get the blessing of Congress before acting?

And since the purpose of the mission was supposedly to prevent a massacre, I guess Qaddafi must have announced more than a month in advance that he was about to hold a massacre. Would have been a lot cheaper if all the locals had just left town. They clearly must have had a month’s warning.

Obama apparently thinks that Qaddafi’s removal will be a convenient side-effect of the air war (woops again – Kinetic Military Action); but, embarrassingly, it looks like the rebels (who we are aiding) are not going to succeed without more direct help. Which Obama pre-announced he would not give. Obama has explicitly stated that we will put “no boots on the ground in Libya”. While simultaneously putting CIA boots on the ground in Libya. Even though he broke his word – again; he cannot now put regular troops on the ground without major political backlash – so he won’t. It was an act of idiocy, making that statement – limiting his future options when he didn’t know what might happen.

Tactically, Obama has put himself into a position that does not have a desirable exit. No matter what he now does, it is wrong.

Then, it turns out the rebels have, at the very minimum, ties to Al Qaeda. It is now clear to the world that Obama didn’t even know who he was trying to help. Now Obama has us fighting on the same side as the people who murdered over 3000 American citizens on 9/11.

This is reaching absolutely legendary levels of incompetence. Obama has clearly surpassed Jimmy Carter as history’s most incompetent President. The very best face you can put on all this is that it is rank incompetence.

This is what happens when you put a community organizer in charge of the most powerful military in the world. Obama may be a genius community organizer, but as a commander-in-chief, he’s a freakin’ idiot.


P.S. Where Obama is concerned, it is also wise to wonder what he’s doing, that he is using this “crisis” to divert our attention from? Obama is clearly a master of the shell game. Obama’s stated reason for doing something is rarely the true reason. And so far, very little of it has been to the benefit of the United States.

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  1. Ten Mile says:

    obama does not want a budget. By creating Libya he achieves no budget cuts. No pay back of obama care funds, no examination of glutted overhead departments, no embarassing questions about non-approved dept heads and slight of hand Fed Bank printing. Free money (called script in occupying military times) to overseas countries, which may then returned to the US for gold (hard currency). Our administrator is not in love with his country.

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