Voter ID

In Texas, a bill is wending it’s way through the government towards passage that would require showing a photo ID in order to vote. Personally, I’m all for it, for a couple of reasons.

First, voter fraud is a serious problem, and this will make it more difficult.

Second, this should help preventing illegal aliens in particular from being even more illegal by voting illegally.

The Democrats, who oppose the bill, say “Democrats contend the bill is aimed at poor and minority voters who are less likely to have state-issued identification cards”.

This is a crock of poo. I’ve noticed that Democrats (and, to be fair, most politicians) rarely say what they actually mean.

The Democrats’ real goal is to encourage and allow illegal aliens to vote, because they generally vote Democrat. Period. This is also the only reason Democrats are in favor of amnesty for this group.

If Democrats really gave a hoot about poor and minority voters, they wouldn’t be taking actions that cause the price of almost everything to go up, and they wouldn’t be in favor of higher taxes (which they are in favor of, any time you aren’t looking – i.e. the SCHIP tax on tobacco products that disproportionately impacted the poor).

The Democrats and Liberals’ massive entitlement spending and wealth redistribution, and forcing of banks to give mortgages to people who clearly could not afford the payments, is what has caused the economic mess we are in in the first place. And this administration has done everything it can to exacerbate the problem.


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