Think They’re Serious?

The self-explanatory headline reads “U.S. Debt Jumped $72 Billion <the> Same Day U.S. House Voted to Cut Spending $6 Billion”.

If the article is correct, the $72 billion was ONE DAY’s over-spending; the $6 billion was over three weeks. So it’s even worse than the headline implies. According to the article, at these rates of cutting spending, it would take 36 weeks to cut as much money as the government added to the debt in ONE DAY of spending, that day being March 15, 2011. Do you think either the Democrats OR Republicans are really serious about correcting this problem?

These numbers defy mental grasp. The government needs to stop ALL discretionary spending. And, I fear (because I’m going to need it, having paid into it all my life) they are going to have to cut social security and medicare somehow. It has to happen.

Here’s the real deal, folks. Either we get a grasp on this situation, or it will soon reach the point where catastrophic economic collapse will occur, and nobody will get their alleged “benefits”. We will either have fewer benefits, or NO benefits. It cannot, and will not, continue the way it has been.

We see on our TV’s every evening the beginning of this travail, as people begin to realize what may be coming. One symptom of this very real situation is the enormous fights being put up by the unions to protect their privileged position. We are witnessing the equivalent of a pack of hungry dogs snapping and snarling over too small a piece of meat. Dogs won’t relax and share the meal evenly per dog, and neither will humans. It is not going to be pleasant to watch.


Ayn Rand may have been psychic when she wrote “Atlas Shrugged”, in which we see some amazing parallels to our current situation. I’ve got to find time to read it again. They’re making a movie of it, which I hope isn’t watered down. If enough people get the message quickly enough, we might be able to avert the worst consequences of the situation – though I doubt it. Because the liberals / progressives / Democrats that have brought this on us won’t change their views until they’re starving.

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