The 0.4% President

It seems to me that almost everybody is at least beginning to understand that the USA has an extremely serious budget problem, one that may sink us before it’s done. Almost everybody, that is, except liberal/progressives and Democrats.

Obama clearly knows that the general population is aware of this. It is just as clear that he doesn’t believe it, himself – or else he just doesn’t care.

The Republicans offer a budget that cuts 61 billion dollars from the budget. Obama’s budget has a deficit of 1.65 trillion dollars. Obama offers to cut that by a piddlin’ 6.5 billion. Here is a great article, with an interesting graph showing Obama’s deficit compared to earlier administrations, just to keep it in perspective. Notice how, starting in ’09 (Obama!), the magnitude of the deficit jumps by well over 100%.

Obama offers to take a whack at the budget by making it smaller by a miniscule 0.4% (which is 6.5 billion divided by 1.65 trillion).

The sad part is, even the Republicans are only offering to cut it by about 3.7% (which is 61 billion divided by 1.65 trillion).

Notice that all these numbers are not percentage reductions in the budget; they are percentage reductions in the amount we spend that we don’t have. It would be about like me trying to feel better about buying my new MacBook Pro on credit, by not also buying a paperback book to go with it. That’s about the right ratio: around $12 off of $3000.

The correct solution is to not have a deficit. Instead of 0.4% (Obama), or 3.7% (Republicans), this number needs to be 100%. Even that just gets us to the point that our income equals our expenditures. We would still have the incredible debt Obama and others have already accumulated.

The Democrats talk about using a scalpel instead of an axe. I’m thinking we need a bulldozer.

The Democrats are worse by an order of magnitude, but even the Republicans are inadequate to solve the problem with these proposals. Not even close.

This is what you call “unsustainable”.

All these bloomin’ politicians are playing their fiddles while the USA burns. And when it hits the fan, the poo is going to fly far and wide.

Obama is not the only guilty party here; it goes back decades. But Obama has done more damage in less time than any preceding administration – and we have not begun to feel the pain, yet. But we will.


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