Guns Going From Us to Mexico, hmmm?

The liberal media has made a lot of hoopla about how Mexican drug cartels were getting a lot of their guns from straw purchases in the United States. In reality, this was a vanishingly small percentage of their guns, but of course the liberal media distorted it.

Now we learn that, of those guns that did actually leave the U.S. for Mexico, no few of them were deliberately sent there by the ATF. Excellent article about it on Bayou Renaissance Man here. And an article here from Fox News, complete with video testimony.

Friends, those of you who believed the left’s media spiel about how all the evil guns in Mexico were coming from the U.S. were lied to on several levels.

First, the percentage of guns found to be from the U.S. was much, much smaller than they wanted you to believe, compared to the total gun supply of the cartels in Mexico.

Second, they wanted you to think it was being done by straw purchases at gun dealers along the border. (A straw purchase is when someone legally entitled to buy firearms does it in order to give or sell the guns to a third party. This is illegal, by the way.)

Their goal in distorting these two things was to promote their anti-gun agenda; the liberals would love nothing more than for the citizenry of the U.S. to be defenseless. Fortunately, most people see through their transparent distortions.

And now, we find that the ATF has been allowing or encouraging the straw purchases that they are duty-bound to stop. And border patrol agent Brian Terry is dead, with some of these weapons as the murder weapon. No telling how many others we don’t know about have died at the hands of villains using guns that, in effect, were furnished to the cartels by the United States government – specifically, the ATF. And there are indications that this was approved by the Justice Department (that would be Eric Holder…).

This has been going on for years.

Everyone involved in this ATF illegal activity needs to go to jail, top to bottom. Every agent, every supervisor, right on up to Eric Holder if he knew about it. People have died because of this.

Kudos to Bayou Renaissance Man for bringing it to my attention, and extreme kudos to federal agent John Dodson for being honest, exposing it, and upholding his vows.

Pass the word! This does not need to slide off the table. The Justice Department may be implicated; if they won’t prosecute obvious things like the Black Panther voter intimidation case (because the perpetrators were black), they are much more likely to try to cover this up or minimize it, since it leads right into the Justice Department, and maybe right to Eric Holder’s desk.


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