What Happens When Ideologues Get Elected

When ideologues get elected, they take actions that costs honest people their jobs.

In this case, Obama wants to decrease American dependence on imported oil, not by going and getting our own (which would save billions of dollars and millions of jobs), but by trying to destroy the industry to force us to use uneconomical alternate energies. Which costs us those billions of dollars and millions of jobs. Because he is an environmentalist ideologue.

This is the key, the second biggest single evil thing Obama has done. (The biggest is his incredible spending spree.) He is doing his dead level best to destroy one of our biggest industries, and he does not care how many working men and women he puts out of work to do it.

He even said, prior to election, that he wanted gas to hit $5 or $6 per gallon, and he wanted his cap & trade plan which would “electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket” – He SAID that – video attached – and every major news carrier ignored it, and every liberal ignored it. And every decision he has made relative to energy policy has moved us in that direction.

Do you think Obama cares about your job? Really? Better not be one of the millions of people in the oil or gas industries. Oh, and – have you checked the price of gasoline lately? It’s about twice what it was before Obama was elected. So the price of anything that moves is going up – which is pretty much everything.

Millions of jobs.

Obama’s fault.

He had lots of liberal / progressive help – but it’s his fault.


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