Obama Seems to Attract Unsavory Friends

Libyan nutcase warlord Gaddafi says Obama is his friend, and he is a blessing to the Muslim world.

Now that I think about it, Obama told the chief of NASA that his main job was outreach to Muslims across the world. NASA! Imagine that!

A more complete list of some of Obama’s more questionable friends can be found here. But here are just a few:

Unrepentant domestic terrorists, Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn.

“God Damn America” Reverend Jeremiah Wright, who was Obama’s spiritual leader for 20 years.

George Soros, wealthy puppet master and anti-American.

MANY socialists, communists, marxists and Alinsky devotees. Alinsky wrote Rules for Radicals, a book professing to teach how to destroy our government.

Several members of the Weather Underground, domestic terrorist organization.

Several members of Acorn, a group apparently responsible for many cases of voter fraud, among other issues.

These are the types of people that Obama chooses to hang out with. This has to tell you something. Considering how destructive most of the policies enacted by Obama since becoming POTUS are, it kind of makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

Draw your own conclusions.


P.S. Much of this information was available during the ’08 campaign only through Fox news. We should thank Fox for presenting news nobody else would cover, and we should hold every other mainstream news media accountable for their failure to disclose this information during the campaign; it was gross negligence and favoritism, and it probably got Obama elected.

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