Let’s Stop This Nonsense

John Lott’s article about a 7 year old with a Nerf (type) gun, up for criminal charges.

Recently I’ve seen articles about a kid that got suspended from school for the remainder of the year for shooting spit-wads. And another that got in trouble for pointing his finger and going “bang”.

Enough is enough. This liberal-progressive “zero tolerance” policy is rubbish, it’s stupid, and it is evil.

It is evil because it is an insidious attempt to control the minds of children by inflicting over-the-top punishment for playing any sort of shoot-em-up game. It is an attempt at mind control, and I don’t like it. These bleeding liberals are trying their best to have a generation of kids that are afraid of guns, for one thing.

And because of the severe punishment, it is an inducement to parents not to allow their kids to have those types of toys, just to prevent just such an incident as John Lott describes.

First off, there is nothing wrong with such play. The children know they aren’t actually hurting anybody. And it is play that actually does have application in real life – some people grow up to be soldiers or policemen, and some happen to need to know how to defend themselves as adults. And we’ve all played “cowboys and indians” or similar games, at the very least since the Revolutionary War; it never hurt me, or anyone I know. Did it hurt you?

Second, there is a difference between a toy and a real weapon. You’d think even a liberal could tell the difference.

Well, in fact they can. But as I said, this is an attempt at indoctrination and mind control, and it is well on its way to succeeding. It’s time we stopped this nonsense!


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  1. Ten Mile says:

    You cannot change it until you change to educational system.

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