Who’s Going to Run This Country, Anyway?

Who is going to run our country in the future? Will it be “we the people”, or will it be the unions? That’s the choice that’s being made in Wisconsin right now.

And the Democrats, including Obama, are on the side of the unions. After all, the unions (among others) put them in office.

This conflict will set a resounding precedence; it matters to the whole country, not just Wisconsin. The unions, in lockstep with Obama’s political machine, cannot be allowed to win this!

Personally, I’d just as soon keep the unions (and the Democrats) away from that much power. We’ve seen how that goes!

And why in the world would I want to pay more taxes so union members can have even more, and union bosses can consolidate more power? I am not at all in favor of that scenario. Let the union members take their chances like the rest of us. Let them give up their over-the-top privileges and become one with the rest of the country!

Democrats and progressives are all about equality, but it seems some are more equal than others.


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