One of the most misleading liberal memes going around is this notion that somehow you are an evil person if you are not “tolerant” of others.

The reason it’s a stupid, misleading idea is not because it wouldn’t be nice if everybody really was tolerant, but rather that in the real world, it’s just not going to happen. Ever.

Christians believe that you should believe as they (we) do, or you will go to Hell. So they love you enough that they don’t want that to happen. So we want you to listen to us.

Radical Muslims believe that you should believe as they do, and if you don’t they’ll doggone well cut your head off. This sums up their entire program.

Gays and lesbians aren’t content to be left alone. They want some sort of acknowledgement that their lifestyle is just fine with everybody. Or they will riot, demonstrate, and otherwise throw a tantrum. They want you to tolerate them, but they won’t tolerate you, if you disagree with them.

Liberals believe in tolerance in everything, as long as you agree with them. And they totally miss the irony in that. But you had doggone well better agree with them, or they will vilify you. (As witness the character assassination they’ve attempted on Sarah Palin, and her family, for example). Muslims are more tolerant than liberals!

If you think liberals are tolerant, tell one of them you think abortion is murder, and you like guns, and watch what happens. This is actually a lot of fun when you can get one to sit still long enough to talk to about it.

Contrary to liberals, conservatives pretty much don’t care what you believe, as long as you leave them alone. That’s why conservatives make the best neighbors.

Conservatives don’t get intolerant until you start getting in our business. Or start doing damage that will cause us grief (like for instance the current state of the economy which is almost totally due to liberal mismanagement). Or start trying to ram your liberal ideas down our throats both by rule of law, and by indoctrination in the schools and on TV. Or try to steal from us with your socialist redistribution ideas. Then, we get intolerant. Very intolerant. Thus rose the Tea Party. We’ve had enough!!!

Every single one of these groups wants to redefine “tolerance” to mean: “you must believe what I believe, and then we’ll get along”.

So, tolerance is simply not going to happen. Get used to it – life is easier if you live in the real world and not in a fantasy. Me? I don’t even pretend to be tolerant.

Just wanted to clear that up. You’re welcome.


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