Cut the Waste!

We should all be on the lookout for government waste. We have the right; those people work for us! We should make waste public when we find it, and try to eliminate it.

Every time I encounter a government employee, I wonder to myself if this person is doing anything that I would want to pay for him to be doing. Does he do a job that I would see as valuable enough to be willing to pay for out of my pocket?

By that measure, we could probably get rid of 75% of the federal government. Entire departments need to go. Decimate the FCC, the DOE, and the EPA, none of which have done anything useful in years. (The EPA wants to treat spilt cow’s milk as a toxic spill, for crying out loud! And we PAY these people for that kind of decision making!)

Put in a flat tax, and eliminate the IRS.

Reform Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. This is complex, but a way must be found to make them self-sustaining. The Ponzi scheme is over.

Eliminate all federal giving to the arts (including PBS); artists should be paid what the public is willing to individually pay them. If their art is not good enough for people to pay to see it, they should get a job.

Take away Obama’s keys to Air Force One. Every time he goes somewhere, it costs us hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Eliminate Congress’s ability to vote their own raises. Quit treating government employees like kings (and queens, in the case of Nancy Pelosi).

And every elected office should have a two term limit. That one thing will cut corruption in the government by a huge percentage.

Any member of congress or the senate who is convicted of any violation of ethics should be out of a job the same day, and be barred from public office forever. Zero tolerance. “Shame” is a concept that needs to come back into use. “Honor” is another one. (Maxine Waters and Charlie Rangel, take note!)

Shucks, arm the people, and eliminate the DHS. We don’t need them; we the people will take care of it. Let all us honest, peace loving U.S. citizens get on airplanes armed. I can guarantee you that those terrorists won’t hijack the plane, though they might possibly manage to blow it up.

I was at Academy a couple of days ago, and saw a couple of guys coming out of the store, talking and having a good time, and they got into a car with federal government license plates – the ones that say “For Official Use Only”. They didn’t appear to be doing any sort of official government work; they looked like they were shopping. It ticked me off. I don’t know if they were on the clock, but that vehicle costs money to operate – my tax dollars, in fact. If they were on the clock, that was my tax dollars, too.

I take a blooming dim view of federal employees going shopping on my dime.


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