Don’t Raise the Debt Ceiling

My recommendation is to NOT raise the legal debt ceiling of the government. If they can’t get by with $14.3 trillion dollars, they doggone sure don’t need any more credit.

Besides, it would force the government to make some of those cuts it needs to make to save the economy.

They’re exactly like a kid with daddy’s credit card, who spent a lot of money on Nintendo and parties, complaining that he’s hit the credit limit. The correct solution is to say “tough”. Giving that kid more credit is rewarding bad behavior. Giving that kid ANY credit is a bad idea – he doesn’t know how to handle it responsibly!

And, as a parent, I am not amused.

Of course, we’re going to have to really watch them close, if real cuts begin; because they want those video games and parties. And sadly, some kids turn to stealing when they run out of money.

The cuts need to come from agencies and activities that are counterproductive – like the DOE, and the EPA which is certainly getting too big for its britches. And put in a flat tax and we could ditch the entire IRS. And maybe we could put a limit on how many miles Obama can fly Air Force One in a year…

No more games; no more parties; no more government money to count spots on butterfly wings, or to study sex in water buffalos; no more “stimulus” that does not produce 100% payback; no more waste!

Living within our means; what a concept!


Footnote: Both my sons are grown men now, and I can state that I never gave either one of them a credit card. They learned to be self-sufficient quickly, and I am very proud of them both.

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  1. Clinton says:

    One thing with the debt limit *(and a problem with the way our monetary system is run)… the Federal Reserve. It’s not controlled by the Fed’s. While this jokingly could reduce the waste, those in control cause America enough trouble as it is. However, the idea that each dollar is a form of debt, there is no way to pay back the national debt. Therefore all we can do is raise the debt limit to stay ahead of the interest.

    If we borrow one dollar today, a year later we owe the Federal Reserve 1.00 x interest rate. For example, if the rate is 4%, after one year we owe 1.04. Where does the money come from to pay the extra interest? All we can do is borrow more money to pay off the interest.

    This is a big problem that nobody seems to care about.

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