Be Careful Who You Vote For!

Be careful who you vote for. It is not a freaking popularity contest. There are consequences!

Today, prices are rising and many thousands are out of work because we have elected an administration that is saturated with liberals who are intent on destroying the oil industry in the United States, apparently for idealogical reasons. The government has not issued a permit for deep sea drilling in nine months. Despite a court order to end the moratorium. This administration does not respect the rule of law.

In order to get his nuclear Start treaty with Russia, Obama agrees to give Russia much more detailed information regarding any nuclear weapon transfers we may make to Britain. Right down to the serial numbers.

As is completely obvious from many sources, Obama has had the policy that spending money equals stimulus equals more jobs. Regardless of whether the money is well spent. Regardless of whether we had the money to spend. And in spite of the fact that it has not been successful. The new debt for this year alone is on track to hit $1.708 trillion dollars. And they want to raise the legal debt ceiling! In my family, if that were to happen we would take the credit card away. Obama is selling us to the Chinese! (Link to U-tube video that has been banned by major networks).

And Obama continues to do everything in his power to waste spend “invest” even more money we haven’t got! He changes his rhetoric slightly, and then keeps right on going. Obama is rolling the dice; our dice.

Debt is kind of like becoming an alcoholic; nobody sets out to become an alcoholic. You just drink a bit more, and a bit more than that, and then you wake up one day and find that you are an alcoholic. I’ve seen it happen more than once. Our Federal debt – and any debt, for that matter – is like that. How much is too much? What happens when we get there?

ObamaCare, which was forced on us against our will, is not only a lousy piece of legislation, it is a power grab for a major sector of our economy. Obama rammed it down our throats, but then turns around and gives exemptions to his politically favored groups. Over 700 exemptions. 40% of them to unions. This is hardly an even handed application of the law. Of course, Obama is beholden to the unions, who helped him get elected. Perhaps a bit too much influence, there.

Now this administration is lying to us by fudging the numbers on unemployment. According to them, the unemployment rate has dropped to 9%, but this is because they made an adjustment to the number counted as being in the civilian labor force – by over half a million people. So now I wonder what the real number is.

Obama creates an environment that is hostile to business, that complains that businesses are not hiring fast enough to suit him.

It has gotten so bad that all of these things are commonly recognized and debated. Major political figures openly discuss the now common fear that this country will fall because of Obama’s policies. This in itself is a substantial clue that things are not going well in a big way.

I’ve only touched on this administration’s disrespect of the rule of law. This administration has refused to prosecute cases involving prejudice if those cases involved prejudice against white people, starting with the Black Panther voter intimidation case, and going from there.

This administration sued the state of Arizona – for passing a law requiring their own police to uphold federal immigration law.

This administration refuses to enforce said immigration law.

This administration has failed to close the southern border – if it ever intended to do so, which I doubt. Obama and the Democrats see advantage in open borders because most illegal immigrants, if allowed to vote, are presumed to vote Democrat – for more free handouts. In full disclosure, every previous administration has also failed to close the border; but it has now become an issue that this administration refuses to address, at least with the resources it would take to actually solve the problem.

Unbelievably, Obama told the head of NASA that his primary mission was outreach to Muslims.

Obama wants the right to shut down the internet, at will. Why? Probably because of concerned citizens like myself, who exercise our First Amendment rights to express that concern.

Obama, through his tools in the FCC, wants to implement policies that would shut down conservative talk radio. He hasn’t succeeded – yet.

Obama has demonstrated an anti-Second amendment bias, and plans to act on it soon.

As shown above, Obama assaults our fundamental rights to free speech and to bear arms.

Obama has given away or shut down much of our military and strategic advantages. For one, he has begun dismantling our nuclear arsenal. For another, he cancelled the F22 Raptor aircraft program, putting thousands out of work. And now, China has more advanced fighter systems than we do. Obama is intentionally reducing our ability to cope with enemy nations. He’s throwing away Teddy Roosevelt’s “big stick”, which has served us well for the last century.

Obama has bowed to every foreign dictator that hates us, that he could get himself in front of. In my mind, an American doesn’t bow to anybody lower than God.

For crying out loud, now this administration wants to treat spilt milk like an oil spill. Yes, spilt milk. Are they insane? Sometimes, you just have to be amazed at the stupidity being exhibited by the government! So now the cost of dairy products will probably rise sharply for having to compensate for EPA regulations that simply don’t make any sense – to anybody who has any, that is. And we pay for this?

All of the things above, and many more, are the consequences of uninformed people, guided by a liberal media, voting for a presidential candidate and a party that they did not bother to investigate properly. And they’ve doggone near brought this country to it’s knees as a direct result.

This list is not all that I find offensive about the current administration. It’s just all I’m getting to, today.

I’m 57 years old, and never before in my life have I actually been seriously concerned that the United States could fall. Obama has built, and is still building, a house of cards that could collapse very quickly. A very dangerous house of cards. And he has demonstrated that he will lie, cheat, use every trick he can find, and bypass the law, to achieve his ends – whatever they really are.

In fact, my concern on that score began about the same time that Obama took office, because I had already been studying him, during the 2008 campaign, and I had a good idea of his direction. And yes, I voted against him, which was one of my better moments. And, as you may guess, I will vote against him in the next election, as well.

If the country still stands, in 2012. I think it probably will stand – but frankly, I’m no longer 100% sure.

The above list is just a few of the consequences of the 2008 election choices our citizens made. Many voters chose for popularity, and many of them, frankly, because Obama is black, and many of them because they thought Obama would give them a free ride. I wonder if Obama bought that woman any gas, or made her mortgage payment for her?

Wrong. On so many levels.

So, when you go to vote, you should realize: your decision on who to vote for ranks with major life decisions, like getting married, or taking a job, or buying a house; it is not a trivial decision, and it is NOT a popularity contest. I urge you to address it with the seriousness and study it deserves. There will be consequences!


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4 Responses to Be Careful Who You Vote For!

  1. Billll says:

    For some time now the various governments have determined that if you count as unemployed only those collecting unemployment, there’s a limit to how bad the number can get. As people run out of benefits, they disappear from the ranks of the unemployed, and as an added benefit, the workforce total declines as well driving the percentage down.

    If everybody were out of work, after 2 years, the unemployment rate would be zero.

  2. loopyloo305 says:

    We definitely need to know if they have an agenda and if they hate the country!! We need to know that they will stand for the country and the people instead of bowing to dictators and destroyers. We need to know that our allies won’t be betrayed and our secrets sold for someone’s ego.

  3. Billll says:

    Here’s a method for calculating the unemployment rate without the tricks:

    He says it’s 11.8%.

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