Progressives and Sharia

Kudos to Tamara for saying it so well:

“Watching the multi-culti progressive crowd cozying up to the Sharia crew is as morbidly fascinating as watching some weird little Mr. Whipple-looking masochist fawning over a real, live serial killer. You find yourself wanting to be around for the denouement just to see the look of hurt surprise on their face when they find out the game is for real.”

Head on over to View From the Porch, and read the rest of this short post.


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One Response to Progressives and Sharia

  1. Crotalus says:

    Trouble is, WE’RE going to get dragged into the killer’s madness as well.

    This looks like we’re getting mighty close to the Tribulation, Popgun. Makes me wonder if Christians ought to pick up our weapons to fight for the Judeo-Christian principles of our Constitution? Or, stay with the Sword of the Lord? Certainly, I feel despair for our country, for we have turned our collective back on the God who saw us through our first Revolution, and will probably embrace Sharia law.

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