Obama is Doing Something Good for the Economy

Obama has actually had a positive impact on the economy, in one industry, at least.

We know he is radically anti-second amendment, and does not want private citizens to own guns. So when it became apparent that he might win the election in 2008, many people – myself included – bought firearms and ammunition that we thought he would probably attempt to get banned.

This helped the economy, specifically the entire gun industry.

Then it was strangely quiet on that front, for quite a while. But now, he’s making noises about banning guns, or limiting guns. And I find myself tempted to go buy some more magazines, and stock up on ammo some more, and maybe even buy a new gun or two.

After all, it’s good for the economy.

And why will I do this? To protect myself against an unconstitutional offense against my God-given rights, by my own government.


P.S. It is universally illegal to shoot somebody except in self defense, or defense of others. That is the ONLY gun law needed.

All other gun laws are flawed in that they are based on predicting intent – reading your mind. “We can’t let them have high capacity magazines because they might go shoot somebody, more than if they didn’t have them.” Folks, what somebody might do doesn’t matter – it is what they will do that matters.

One of my handguns has a 19-round standard (not high-capacity) magazine. I can guarantee you, having more capacity does not make me more likely to shoot anybody. It just makes me more likely to win, if I ever do actually need to defend my family.

Our bloated government has this really evil habit of trying to pin us in, restrict what we can do or have, and treat us like sheep; but all the laws in the world will not have any impact on people like Jared Lee Loughner – because they don’t have any particular incentive to obey the law. Even if he was rendered unable to obtain a hand gun, he could have simply driven his car into the crowd. For instance.

Gun laws (including gun-free zones) only affect honest law-abiding citizens. They have no effect on criminals, other than to encourage them.

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8 Responses to Obama is Doing Something Good for the Economy

  1. someothername says:

    So, your contention is that since Jared bought drugs illegally, that he might not be hampered by a law and also buy guns and magazines and ammo illegally? I wonder if drug guys on the TV show COPS all have “legal” guns. hmmm

    I wonder if the same guys illegally smuggling drugs could get those plastic magazines by the “plastic magazine spacer sniffing dogs” as easily as the drugs … oh wait, there are no “plastic magazine spacer sniffing dogs”

  2. someothername says:

    I have wondered if politicians get “kickbacks” for the increased sales, I mean they had to know that historically if you talk about banning anything … people buy it.

  3. Our gov’t in the hands of the founding “Patriots” was fine, because they were mostly doing what was best for the Country. Our gov’t in the hands of career “Politicians” do what is best for them in their quest to gain and maintain power. Their goals and those of the country are sometimes diametrically opposed. I wonder if we passed laws restricting their benefits and pay if we’d get more politicians or real patriots to serve…..I say we move back towards the Patriots….because the Politicians have failed us!!!

    • popgun says:

      You know, Winston, you’ve put your finger on one reason that I like Sarah Palin; of all those that might be in a position to run for POTUS in the next election, she is the only one that doesn’t have that greasy feel associated with most politicians. She’s also the only contender that so far as I know, has never flip-flopped on an issue. She seems to be operating from conviction, rather than for political gain.


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  5. Someothername says:

    I read a comment somewhere suggesting that t be made a misdemeanor to file senseless bills which are contrary to the interest of the citizens.

    No one NEEDS those bills, and they waste valuable time, resources and taxpayer dollars.

    • popgun says:

      Hi, Someothername;

      I agree with you in principle, but it would be kind of like trying to make stupid illegal.

      I guess the best we can really do is repeal them once we’ve demonstrated that they are detrimental.


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