How Bad Is It, Doc?

Disclaimer: I am not an economic expert by any means; it is even possible that I don’t understand the situation at all. However, from where I sit, it looks to me like we have some near-term major financial problems ahead. In this posting, I am telling you how I see it:

Our country is in a scary situation, similar to Uncle Sam, a man who got snake bit and now has gangrene in his foot:

Uncle Sam is delirious from the fever, and wants to pretend it isn’t happening; and it is going to take major surgery to survive the experience.

Time is of the essence. Another hour’s delay, and the patient will die an ugly death as the sepsis enters the blood stream.

Obama and his supporters are in denial, out of their heads from the fever: They want to continue their insane levels of spending, relentlessly. They call this “investing” and seem to believe that it will magically make the leg better, in spite of the fact that they’ve been applying this pixie dust for two years without noticeable results.

Paul Ryan and others like myself are like a surgeon evaluating Uncle Sam’s situation:  he knows exactly what needs to be done to save the patient; but the patient does not want to hear the bad news.

The leg is going to have to come off, if we intend for the United States to survive.

Folks, if we want our country to survive, we need to be listening to Paul Ryan and other fiscal conservatives; and we need to turn away from the radically liberal President Obama.  The problem with Obama is he has this liberal fantasy of nanny-statism where everybody gets taken care of, and all the cars run on electricity that comes from unicorns (2), and there is no pollution.  No matter the cost.  And everybody had better be nice, or else!

Paul Ryan takes one look at all this, and says:  “That’s nice. How are you going to pay for it?” (1)

I’m asking the same question.

Get out the saw. The leg (3) comes off. In spite of the delirium at the top. Because Uncle Sam wants to live!


(1) Not an actual quote. But I imagine he would agree. Incidentally, Ayn Rand asks a similar question – “Who pays?”. Liberals hate that.

(2) So far, there is NO alternate energy source that can compete economically with fossil fuels now in service. NONE. Not even close. What this means is that any shift to alternative energy will result in the consumers – that’s us! – paying that increased price for anything we want to do that consumes energy. These costs would cause everything to radically increase in price, even if it were technically feasible to implement, which it is not. So the poor, in effect, become poorer, and the middle class become poor. Alternate energy is another area where the liberals are delusional. When it becomes economically competitive (without artificial manipulation), then it will become practical.

(3) The government itself must be radically downsized. We need to get rid of ALL surplus and excess. Make Nancy Pelosi take the bus. Because we are paying for it!

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