Some Thoughts on Violence

A discussion of violence can get you talked about, unless you are condemning somebody else for saying something remotely violent, as the liberal media is doing to Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and others.

I have a policy about violence. I do not condone violence, desire violence, do violence (normally), or want to be involved in any way with violence.

However, if somebody else attempts to perpetrate violence on my family or myself, I hope to be very efficient in the defense thereof. Violently, suddenly and without hesitation. I won’t start it, ever; but if it is unavoidable, I will do my dead level best to finish it favorably to my self and my family. I hope for no harm to anybody, but if you mess with my family you had better expect consequences. This is called “self defense”, and it is totally justified morally.

That’s my policy.

On the subject of violence, I think the liberals, progressives, or whatever they are calling themselves this week (they are such a shifty bunch), have lost all touch with reality. I am referring of course to the hatchet job (whoops! – violent imagery) the media is attempting on conservatives.

A rational assessment of our culture may shed some light. Our nation has the same right to self defense that I do. The world is a violent place. The U.S.A., contrary to the opinions of certain celebrities, is one of the most peaceful places you can live on this planet. Why? The measured application of violence has preserved our freedom, wellbeing, and security since this country’s inception. If it wasn’t for violence, we’d all be speaking German or Japanese, and living in a dictatorship. Violence stopped Hitler, among many others. Because bad guys won’t go away just by asking them nicely.

Think about the border patrol, police of all stripes, and people licensed to carry concealed handguns: all carry guns; all help preserve the peace – by acting as a deterrent to those who would abuse it. Most of us understand these things.

Violence is never something good people want to seek out; but violence is something we must be willing and able to do, if we wish to live as free people.

The alternative is to live as slaves – to someone who is willing to use violence. This is the result that Hitler wanted to bring about, for example. Fortunately, plenty of people stepped up to stop him; how? By the judicious use of large amounts of violence.

Violence will be with us, in one form or another, so long as one human wants to take what another human has without paying for it; and as long as there is violent insanity in the world. Those two things foster violence.

On this, more than any other issue, I have become convinced that many liberals are incapable of coherent thought.

The idea that “violent imagery” promotes real violence in a way that spills over into the real world may have some merit. I believe that I read about some studies that might indicate this. But, if you really believe this in a serious way, first you liberals had better clean your own house.

Then, you had better eliminate about 90%+ of all movies; almost all video games; all contact sports, like football and hockey; all olympic sports that involve any sort of combat; most comic books; shucks, let’s start on novels, you’d have to get rid of everything in the library that involves any sort of physical crime or violence. That would be most books read for entertainment.

How about all that history you’d have to rewrite? This country could not have come into being without the willingness of good men to apply violence. And finally, how do you reprogram the human mind? Because nothing less will eliminate human violence.

There are lots of liberals in Hollywood in the movie industry. If they truly believe what they claim to, why do they make so many violent movies? (Hint: $$$). Lets have some statistics on how many liberals, vs how many conservatives, make violent movies! That might be educational.

Liberals have no room to talk about violence, or violent imagery. Period. They don’t have the moral high ground they would like you to think they do.

Meanwhile, we humans will always have to contend with violence, because it ain’t going away. A failure to understand this is a pretty fundamental failure, about on the same level as not understanding that you should keep your body out of the moving parts of a wood-chipper.

And that’s why I, and most of my family as well, have a CHL and legally carry a concealed handgun most of the time; because I am a peaceable man, but not everybody is.

So, liberals – violence is a fact of life. Deal with it. Or don’t, suit yourself.


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  1. loopyloo305 says:

    You got that down so right. Never, ever listen to what they say, just watch what they do.

  2. Crotalus says:

    Well said, Popgun!

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