Lawmakers, Let’s Stop And Think!

We have a situation, the Arizona massacre, where one crazy person murdered or injured a number of people. Now, a great many lawmakers either want to start carrying guns, or want to pass laws that make it illegal to get within 1000 feet of a lawmaker with a gun. Oh, and some of them want to make it illegal to draw bulls-eyes on maps or say “reload” in a political context.

The suggested gun law would be just plain impossible to enforce – what do you do if you don’t know there’s a lawmaker within 1000 feet – such a law is useless as protection because, just like ALL gun control laws, it has no effect whatever on those who break the law; for instance, by shooting lawmakers. So any such law is entirely pointless, and would NOT make the lawmakers any safer.

Besides, the moment the lunatic pulled the trigger he was breaking the law. Insane as he probably is, he surely knew this much. How would another law help? You gun control advocates never seem to grasp this concept. I’ll say it one more time: NO gun control law has ANY effect on lawbreakers with guns, and thus are totally ineffective.

Having said all that, now let’s take a rational, calm look at the situation.

First off, this nutcase appears to be a random nutcase. He may have had some sort of grudge against Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords in particular, but not for lawmakers in general so far as is known at present. This was clearly not any sort of plot declaring open season on lawmakers.

Second, all the panicking lawmakers should take note that they are not in any more danger today than they were a week ago. You are lots more likely to die in a car accident than by being shot.

Third, although I’m sure there probably have been attacks on lawmakers in the past, I doubt there is any support for the idea that it is now open season on lawmakers.

So calm down, dad gum it! You lawmakers and progressives can quit being so wee-wee’d up. Geez, I’ve never seen such a bunch of pantywaists.

If you guys were consistent, you’d outlaw cars. Cars kill a whole lot more people every year than guns.

We don’t need new laws that control how we are allowed to think (i.e. the great map-bulls-eye asinine idea). We don’t need new laws that infringe on our first amendment right to speak our minds. Using violent imagery is no big deal; we all do it at some point or other. Especially progressives, apparently. It wasn’t a big deal when you used it on George Bush; and it’s not a big deal now. Get over it.

We don’t need new gun control laws because you feel threatened. Feel free to carry a concealed weapon if you want to; I do myself, because there is a reasonably significant probability that someday I might need it, especially what with all the illegals and crime you are letting cross the border a few hundred miles from here. But while I am cautious, I’m not running scared, and you don’t have any reason to, either.

If you lawmakers are seriously concerned about your popularity, you might want to try passing laws that the people actually think are reasonable and proper, and avoid passing laws that it is clear the population does not want. You might try fixing problems instead of creating them.

Oh, and if you want to remain popular (to whatever extent you actually are popular – not much, I think), you might consider NOT trying to use sad incidents like this for political leverage. You are as obvious as a kitten trying to cover up on a tile floor. We are not as stupid as you obviously think we are.

And we vote. You might bear that in mind, too.


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1 Response to Lawmakers, Let’s Stop And Think!

  1. someothername says:

    Even supposing every law abiding citizen turned in their evil magazine.

    Here’s the thing:

    Criminals bring tons of drugs into the country weekly.
    Jared knew where to buy them.
    Don’t think criminals can bring magazines into the country?

    Got any dogs trained to sniff plastic yet?
    Got any plastic in your cell phone, car, luggage?
    Is the polyester in my shirt a plastic?
    Tear apart anything made of plastic that comes in?

    You don’t think Jared could find out where to buy one?
    He found where to buy drugs.
    You don’t think those drug cartels will also sell magazines if it’s profitable, and be easier to sneak by the dogs?

    So, what did you accomplish?
    You got millions of them out of the hands of people who weren’t committing crimes and used them at the practice range.
    You got millions of them out of the hands of people who could use them for defense, since it isn’t unknown for one criminal to fight after being shot 17 or more times.
    You got millions of them out of the hands of people who needed more when attacked by multiple attackers, who turned theirs in.

    Crackheads will have them, bought on the same corners they get the drugs, just through the new distributor, sales tax not included. Current distribution network suffers job losses, tax revenues decrease, yeah, we need more of that.

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