The Arizona Murders

An attempt was made to murder Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. In the process, the murderer killed six and wounded 14. A person named Jared Loughner was apprehended at the scene by bystanders who tackled him and relieved him of his 9mm Glock.

Among the dead was 9 year old Christina Green. It’s a tragedy when anybody dies, but such a young person to die at the hands of a lunatic is doubly horrifying.

Our prayers are with the wounded, including Congresswoman Giffords, and the families of the fallen.

From this article on Fox News:

“In an interview with Fox News’ Megyn Kelly, Pima County (Ariz.) Sheriff Clarence Dupnik said a woman, Patricia Maisch, waiting on line to meet Congresswoman Giffords lunged at the gunman’s magazine as he was about to reload.

“This is one of the most heroic acts I’ve ever seen,” Dupnik said.

Then, the local sheriff said, the shooter inserted another magazine with 31 bullets, but it didn’t fire. Two men then grabbed the gun from him.”

Friends, Patricia Maisch and the two men are heroes. These people deserve our deepest respect. It took the cops eight minutes to arrive. Without the brave actions of these folks, there might have been a good many more dead people.


It is really sad that this has to get all tangled up in political issues, but it has already, and I have some real concerns about that.

Unbelievably, some on the left actually have accused this of being Sarah Palin’s fault. I am almost speechless. I cannot begin to describe the contempt I feel for these scum of the earth. The basis for their comments? Go read the article. It’s truly asinine.

Get a grip, folks. Believe it or not, not every single thing that happens has anything to do with your political agenda. Or mine. Let’s all take a deep breath, and let it out slow…

Then, in the way of such things, I saw a press conference on TV today.

The FBI Director, Robert Mueller said (paraphrasing *) that there is a lot of hate speech on the internet that wasn’t there 10 years ago, and people like this get agitated because of it. So in the mind of the FBI director, at least part of the blame is placed on free speech on the internet. He mentioned that bloggers and other people are unhappy with the government, online.

Then, the local sheriff chimed in about how he does not agree with the gun laws in Arizona. He doesn’t think citizens should be able to open or concealed carry handguns.

Have you noticed the trend here, how liberals simply don’t believe people should take responsibility for their own actions? Consider: The CNN reporters blame this on Sarah Palin. The head of the FBI blames it on bloggers. The sheriff blames it on the accessibility of guns. Why is it that liberals cannot conceive of the idea that a person is responsible for his own actions?

Folks, the man committed murder most foul, and attempted murder. That ain’t nobody’s fault but his. He planned it; he bought the gun months in advance; and he did exactly what he planned to do, except he thankfully failed to kill his primary target, Congresswoman Giffords. Let’s place the blame where it goes; on the murderer.

Instead of trying to find a way to further their political agendas, these supposedly responsible adults should be trying to figure out how to pick up the pieces, and help the victims.

Addendum: In a display of crassness, a Democratic operative suggested that Obama try to pin this incident on the Tea Party. Amazing.

Addendum #2: Larry Correia says it so much better than I did. Read this!


* I’m doing this from memory of the interview. Any errors are mine.

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  1. Crotalus says:

    Well, Popgun, Rahm Emanuel did say, “Never let a serious crisis go to waste.” And the Left will see this as a chance to gut the First and Second Amendments. They sure revved up the Danse Macabre in a hurry.

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