No Government Without Representation!

Obama has mostly exhausted his ability to pass anything he wants, since the voters noticed what he has been up to and voted conservative in the last election.

So now he is attempting to institute his radical agenda through regulation, on several fronts, notably through the EPA. It is time to shut down the EPA; it is a useless idealogical instrument of Obama radicalism. In this instance, they are trying to implement cap and trade by the backdoor, having failed to get what they want honestly, and properly, through the congress.

We the people have made it clear that we believe cap and trade is a bad idea. Cap and trade never was about saving the environment, in any case; it is purely an attempt to put control of the energy sector of our economy in the hands of the federal government.

When an agency of the government clearly exceeds its congressionally mandated limits, it is time to reconsider its usefulness.

If we allow them to get away with this, we are giving up the entire concept of “no government without representation”.

This administration is notable for its disregard for the Constitution, for its power grabs, for trampling the rights of citizens, and more obviously attempting to destroy the economy of the United States. This move by the EPA is a clear example.

Is there any more doubt just how much of a radical Obama is? Because Obama and his administration certainly appear to be trying to bring this country down, so they can put something in its place that is a lot less wholesome.

Get active! Call your representatives and tell them to get this radical agenda stopped! And vote fiscally conservative!


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