A Dangerous Situation

We are in a very dangerous situation, and Obama, Pelosi, Reid, and the Democrats have put us there. This blog entry is based on information in this article.

The 111th congress that is now at the end of its term has added more debt to this nation than the first 100 congresses combined, $10,429 in NEW debt for each living person in the United States. In the last two years. The 111th congress was totally controlled by the Democrats.

The previous record setter was the 110th congress, which was also totally controlled by the Democrats. Yes, Bush was president, but the congress was controlled by the Democrats, and the congress controls the budget.

The total per capita debt is now about $44,886.57. Every living soul in the U.S. owes that much, on top of any personal debt. Note that this does not include the costs of ObamaCare. It does not include the costs of any future wars that may be waged, or any disaster that may occur. These numbers are not predictions; they are facts, right now.

I’m not going to live long enough to pay this off. Neither will my kids. My grandkids and their kids are going to be paying this. And even that is only if we stop this insane spending now.

The Democrats are totally responsible for the last four years of record-setting spending. Period.

The simple fact of the matter is that we can’t afford to allow Democrats to be in control of anything, much less the entire government. Even if we liked what they were doing, we simply can’t afford it.

Democrats are statists who use social programs to build big government, with them in control. Their strategy is that those who become dependent on those social programs will vote to keep them in power. This is also why they want an influx of illegal immigrants to be able to vote; they think that voting block will always vote Democrat. This is no less than a struggle for the long term control of this country. And they are financing their social programs and other efforts, using our credit.

It’s almost as if they have stolen our credit card, and are using it to buy the chains they will put us in.

We have a window of opportunity in 2012 to stop this travesty, if it is not already too late. We must act to replace anybody in congress and the white house who is not a fiscal conservative, regardless of party.

It is a matter of survival. Literally.


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3 Responses to A Dangerous Situation

  1. DAve says:

    The reality being that almost HALF of those fine Americans will not pay any taxes, now recalculate and see how bad you and yours REALLY got hosed…

  2. Clinton says:

    Unfortunately I believe that each year, each congress makes things worse than the year before. A look at history will show you that there will always be bad people and each law created has unintended consequences. I think there is some true value in what can be read over at: http://www.imao.us/index.php/2011/01/making-government-slower/

    I agree that I’m not happy with how the Democrats have been running things… but I fear pure republican control wouldn’t be much better. They all seem to be bought by their constituents…

    They should wear uniforms like NASCAR drivers, so you know who their sponsors are!-Quoting some comedian.

    • popgun says:

      You know, I believe I agree with you. I’m a conservative; not necessarily Republican. I probably align with the Tea Party better than anything. The real one, not the one the lying media talk about.

      I just found out the other day that the Texas legislature only meets 140 calendar days a year, and that is in the state constitution. Not a bad idea, I think.

      God did it with ten commandments and the Golden Rule.


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