A Pack of Hyenas

There’s a lot of theater going on in Washington about taxes. A lot of it is posturing, trying to establish a tone for the next election; some of it is real debate. I suspect the deal is already done, and the rest is theater; but we’ll see.

It seems to me that the debate sometimes has the tone of a bunch of hyenas snarling at each other, over who gets to eat the roadkill.

It would really be nice if all these congress-critters recognized that it is our money that they are divvying up. But I doubt any of them care, other than as statistical input. They operate like a milk farmer, trying to maximize output from his cows.

Personally, I just don’t like the fact that people 2000 miles away, that I don’t know and have never met, and probably never will, get to decide how much of my earnings I get to keep; regardless of the impact on my life. But that’s the way it is, in the U.S.A. today.


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