Obama’s New Drilling Moratorium

Obama is implementing a new, seven year moratorium on offshore oil drilling in many areas.

Let me see, now… relatively small (1) potential risk of an oil spill in the ocean – or the certainty of putting many thousands of American citizens out of work, damaging an entire segment of our industry, both in oil production and in the manufacturing and servicing of platforms, and increasing our foreign imports of oil; inevitably raising energy costs for the entire country. (Addendum: Hot Air article on this subject, here, includes estimates of direct jobs lost due to this moratorium.)

This all fits right in with what Obama wanted to accomplish with Cap & Trade. Hmmm. Obama has wanted higher energy costs for we, the people, since well before he became POTUS; because he thinks it will drive us to alternate energy sources, thus saving the world from global warming… which is well on it’s way to being discredited.

This, at the same time that we are continuing to have major economic issues. We are stumbling along trying to keep on our feet, and Obama keeps shoving us sideways. To the left, to be precise.

Forget energy independence. Forget science-driven policy. Screw the economy.

And all of those unemployed people will become even more dependent on the government. It’s a statist’s dream come true.


(1) We’ve been doing offshore drilling for how many decades? With ONE, count them, one major problem. Granted, it was a dilly, but the odds are clearly in our favor, especially since we are now paying much closer attention to the drilling companies. And why punish all the companies that did NOT make a mess?

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