The American Flag

A contemptible school supervisor told Cody Alicea to remove an American flag he had been flying on his bicycle, in a misguided display of political correctness. Apparently this was based on an earlier outcry against Mexicans flying the Mexican flag during Cinco de Mayo.

Let’s get this straight.

This is the United States of America. There is NO place in the U.S.A. where it is inappropriate to fly a U.S. Flag. Period.

I happen to live in Texas. There is NO place in Texas where it is inappropriate to fly a Texas flag. Period.

It is appropriate to display the state flag beside the American flag, at a slightly lower elevation, or below it, if on the same pole.

And I happen to like the Gadsden Flag, too. It would be properly displayed below the state flag.

The very idea that political correctness could be considered a valid reason to not display a U.S. or State Flag makes me want to throw up.

If some foreigner complains because I fly my own flag, well, that’s just too bad, so sad. Now that I think about it, if a U.S. citizen complains to me about flying my flags, that’s just too bad, too – and that citizen is just a piss-ant of an American.

If you want to display a Mexican flag because you are a Mexican national, that’s fine – but IN THE U.S.A. it is not proper for you to display it publicly above any U.S. flag, EXCEPT in the Mexican embassy, which is legally considered to be Mexican territory. Unless you are invading, and if that is what you are doing, we’ve got a whole different problem, don’t we?

Similarly, if we were in Mexico, I would not expect that it would be polite to fly the U.S. flag above the Mexican flag, in public.

A huge number of illegal aliens want to be handed U.S. citizenship, without going through our existing immigration procedures. You would think that these people would understand that if they truly want to be adopted to the U.S., continuing to flaunt their Mexican flag – and complaining about someone flying a U.S. flag – would be a major affront to those who are already U.S. citizens.


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  1. richard says:

    I know this isn’t the point of this blog, but are you aware that the Texas flag is the only state flag that can be flown level with the American flag?

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