Glenn Beck vs George Soros

I don’t normally watch Glenn Beck, because I don’t much like his oratorical style, but I admit he is growing on me, primarily because if you actually listen to what he says (or writes), he always backs it up with facts and it always makes sense. I’m in the middle of his book “Broke”, and it is well worth your time if you would like to understand more about our country’s financial situation. More about that, when I finish it.

Anyhow, I had heard of George Soros before, and got interested; so I watched his series on George Soros, Puppet Master. If you are not familiar with this, here’s the synopsis:

George Soros is a multi-billionaire who got that way by manipulating money markets and destroying the economies of at least four other countries; he is known also as the “man who broke the Bank of England”, by which operation he made between $1 – 2 billion. He has destroyed the economies of those four countries using a consistent method, which Beck reveals; and it appears he is in the late stages of implementing that method here in the U.S.

There are far too many facts in Beck’s three-hour series to cover them here, so I won’t attempt to. But I will make several observations about these facts as presented by Glenn Beck:

(1) A great many of them are quotes or actual video of George Soros, actually telling people what he wants to do, and what he is doing. Those items of information are not subject to debate – Soros, in effect, admits them.

(2) Other facts include the relationships between Soros and various organizations and persons, established by following the money trail. These are also not subject to debate, as they are a matter of public record.

(3) George Soros has taken actions to silence Glenn Beck, including making huge donations to organizations which (the same day) then implemented a call for boycott of Glenn Beck, and Fox News. Also included in this was a direct contact between an agent of George Soros, and one of Glenn Beck’s managers, in an attempt to pressure Fox and / or Beck.

(4) Fox allowed the program to air. This means that their lawyers pored over every bit of information, and concluded that it was truthful and lawful to publish; it also means that Fox upper management believes there is real merit in publishing this information; and they have protected Glenn Beck’s job in the face of pressure from George Soros and the many organizations that he funds.

(5) Throughout the show, Glenn Beck implores us to “do your own research, don’t take my word for any of this”.

(6) The information throughout is internally consistent.

(7) We can see the George Soros strategy playing out in the headlines real-time. For instance, “devalue the currency” – which is exactly what Obama and his administration are implementing, right now, by printing $600 billion dollars of paper money. That is just one data point. It is also shown that every major point of this administration’s fiscal and energy policy has been a point publicly suggested by Soros as desirable; shortly before these points were implemented (or attempted) by the administration. And it is known that there are strong connections between Obama and his people, and George Soros. Read the section “Soros and President Obama” here, for a list of policies Soros espoused before Obama adopted them.

(8) No lawsuit has been brought against Fox / Beck by Soros, to date at least. Could it be that Soros is afraid of what the discovery part of such a proceeding would turn up?

Because of these factors, and how well they correlate with what I see on the news, I have to say that Glenn Beck’s conclusion that George Soros is trying to destroy the United States economically is certainly strongly plausible (to use a Myth Buster term).

Beck has proven that Soros (1) has the ability and tools to manipulate and / or (possibly) destroy our economy; (2) he is in a position to do so, if he so chooses, due to his network of organizations and people that he funds; and (3) he would like to do so, something Soros freely admits.

My conclusion, then, is that there is a very high probability that Glenn Beck is exactly correct in what he has said.

I think Glenn Beck is a man of principle, doing what he believes is right; and I think that he has possibly taken his life in his hands by doing this show. Kudos to Glenn Beck for being brave in the face of power. I’m not sure I would have had the guts, myself.

From here on out, I will be watching the progression of our economy even closer than I have been. And I will know precisely who to investigate if we do have an economic collapse. And I will be watching to see if anything evil or odd happens to Glenn Beck.

I resent the very idea of any attack against my country; and the insidious methods of an attack from within are despicable and beneath contempt. I don’t know what I, personally, can do about it. I very much hope that none of these things come to pass.

The next year or so are going to be very interesting.


ADDENDUM: Another article about the QE2 $600 billion dollars that mentions Soros. And original, here. Quote follows:

“What is most troubling to me about this,” Diamond added, “is that the Fed’s QE2 is in alignment with George Soros’s agenda to destroy global capitalism.” The decline of the dollar “is what George Soros wants and what he has proposed in the past,” he noted.

Soros, the billionaire hedge fund operator who finances various leftist and Marxist groups, including Media Matters, has made his fortune by betting on the collapse of national economies and currencies. He was convicted of insider trading in France.

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