Random Thoughts on Social Programs

The country is going to have to deal with social programs that already exist, but are turning out to be unsustainable financially, such as social security, medicaid and medicare. There is a good article regarding the magnitude of the financial situation here.

Folks, it looks like we’re going to have to bite the bullet. To save our nation from financial collapse, it looks like all such programs are going to have to go. The alternative is the eventual financial collapse of this country.

There are all kinds of problems with this situation. For instance, I’ve been paying in to social security for around 41 years now. I’d be happy if they shut down social security, but by golly I want my money back! I could have been investing that money all these years, but I was required to give it to the government, for the purpose of funding my retirement; and I have never had the income to also invest in alternatives. Nor did I see the need to do so until the last few years, because I knew out of every paycheck, I was putting money back; except, I really wasn’t, because the politicians were busy stealing it. All these years, I thought I would get that money back!

A word about blame. Social Security and related programs are liberal programs, implemented by progressives and statists who want big, intrusive government. They say these programs are to take care of people and it is a moral imperative to do so. We see how that works out, now. It doesn’t. Obama and his ilk continue to push expansion of this sort of thing, but it won’t work. It never has worked in the long run, it’s not working now, and it’s not going to work later. The government should have left elder care to families, and charity to churches; and that money, in our pockets.

I am not looking for a fully funded indefinite vacation. I don’t mind working so long as I can contribute, usefully. I will be very happy to just get my money back. I don’t see it happening, though. We’ve been robbed! By unsavory thieving politicians. That’s how I feel about Social Security and related programs.

Nonetheless, in order to preserve the country, these programs are going to have to end, or another way is going to have to be found to fund them. Borrowing money to continue to fund them is beyond stupid – it is suicidal. I recognize this.

So, one of the problems is that any politician that advocates ending these programs is going to get lynched by people like me who want their money back. Since the politicians know this, they are having a real problem fessing up to the magnitude of the issue, and doing what is necessary but painful. Frankly, most of those gutless wonders will watch the country crash and burn before they will actually do what they should.

It is an unhappy, difficult situation, no matter how you slice it. It is either going to be uncomfortable, possibly intolerable, in the near future; or it will be downright impossible a bit later on. Either way, we are going to take a drubbing. A really serious drubbing.

It makes sense to me to take steps now to correct this situation – whatever those steps need to be. Putting it off is NOT going to make it better. It’s like a cancer; you might have to have major surgery, and go through chemotherapy or radiation; but delay only makes it far worse. Sometimes in life, you just have to face the unpalatable.

The grim truth is, no matter what we do, a huge number of voters are going to be unhappy. Possibly to the point of not having medical care, or even food. The longer we wait to bite the bullet, the worse it is going to be, pure and simple.

I expect to work until I simply can’t work anymore. After that, we’ll see what’s available. Frankly, I don’t know how it’s going to go, but it will be how it is.

When a delusional person is confronted with reality, it is always a jolt. When a delusional country is confronted with reality, the jolt is going to be massive.

Let’s fix it; let’s fix it right, and let’s fix it now.


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