The Scum of the Mainstream Media

Three incidents of media corruption:

Go watch the video and read the whole story over at Hot Air. This highlights precisely why we can no longer trust anything the mainstream news media publish.

KTVA, the CBS subsidiary in Alaska, is accidentally recorded discussing plans to find out if there is somebody in Joe Miller’s organization who is a child molester, so they can single out that person and make a big deal out of it for the purpose of pre-election propaganda.

Folks, it don’t get much lower than that.

Whatever those people at KTVA really are, they are not journalists or reporters. They are a propaganda mill at best.

Similar to the coverage of the disruption at the Rand Paul rally a few days ago, the media doesn’t show you the events leading up to the woman being held down by a campaign worker’s foot. That woman suckered the campaign workers into their reaction, and she got exactly what she wanted. I will note here that the campaign workers were way out of line, possibly criminally; but they were in fact provoked. And the output that gets the press coverage is the ten seconds of video that paints the Tea Party in the worst possible light.

ADDENDUM: And now, Delaware Channel 28 “forgets” to run O’Donnell’s 30 minute prepaid ad. Twice.

Consistent bias in the press. What you see is not always the entire story. This also demonstrates how low the liberals will go to sway public opinion – they have no sense of morality or honor whatever. Distort or omit the truth? No problem! In their arrogance, they want to control what you think! Be aware. Try to find the truth. Nobody can make sound decisions on incomplete information.

After all, controlling information flow is the single most powerful tool used by tyrants of all stripes.


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