Beck’s Book, “Broke”

I just started reading Glen Beck’s new book, “Broke”. The first paragraph:

If history teaches us one thing, it is this: Empires tend to crumble from the inside. If history teaches us two things, it is that very few people ever see it coming.

Since this precise thought has occurred to me, that we could be watching the fall of our nation, I expect Beck’s book to be very interesting. I don’t yet know how well it is written, or in detail what is in it, but he really got my attention with the above.

So many people across the world want us destroyed, because we have what they never will.

So many people in our own country who wanted change at any cost, and didn’t look to see what that change was going to be.

And a few selfish, arrogant and devious radicals with great wealth or influence determined to exert their influence to bring about that major change. And use any means to achieve their goals, honest or dishonest, peaceful or violent.

Special interests (i.e. unions) with great (financial) influence at the very highest levels of our government, who exert selfish influence for their own short-sighted goals.

Pure and simple widespread corruption in government.

Ideological control of which laws get enforced, and upon whom.

The economy in tatters because of liars, crooks and thieves – many of them in our government, most of them with ties to the government, and some at the very top.

Massive government over-control of almost every aspect of our lives.

Bloated, corpulent, inefficient, costly government that no longer represents a good return on our tax dollar investment.

It remains to be seen whether we can pull our nation out of this mess. Don’t get cocky! Get busy!


And forever more: MANAGE our politicians. They work for us; and it is up to us to make sure they are acting in our best interests. It is now blindingly obvious that, left to themselves, they won’t. WE are the oversight committee!


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