Be Careful When You Vote!

In Nevada, claims have arisen that some ballots were pre-checked for Harry Reid. There are several allegations of this type of voter fraud. There have been cases of machine voting in which straight Republican was selected, but the output was straight Democrat. And, amazingly enough, the SEIU, the Democrat-backing union, is in charge of those machines.

There are allegations that Harry Reid’s campaign is giving away Starbuck gift cards in return for a vote for Harry Reid.

Pay attention to what goes on when you vote. Look for any sign of anything questionable. Raise a stink if there is any question!

This country is founded on the idea of citizen representation in government. There may always be some small amount of fraud in elections, but here’s the deal, folks: the day when it becomes clear that fair elections are no longer possible in the United States is the day when this free country becomes – something else. And then the question becomes this: what will we do about it?

Let’s keep it from reaching that point. Personally, I’d rather not go there.

It is the moral and legal responsibility of every citizen to guarantee every other citizen the right to vote their choice, have it count, and have clean elections.

It seriously bothers me that anybody thinks it is good strategy to cheat. It does seem to me that Democrats and liberals seem to be doing most of the cheating. Acorn was a big factor in the last election. All good Americans should be against any kind of fraud, and we should prosecute whenever it is discovered.

Of course, this administration’s justice department does seem to have selective blindness as to which cases to prosecute…

ADDENDUM 10/27/2010 1:36PM :

More stories on voter fraud, happening even as we watch: Here, here, and also we have Ninth Circuit ruling that Arizona can’t ask for proof of citizenship in order to vote. If you can’t verify eligibility to vote, how do you prevent fraud?


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  1. Al Dente says:

    New poll puts unknown in the lead for Nevada senate race. SHOCKING results at:

    Peace! 🙂

    • popgun says:

      Hi, Al;

      To be fair, I should mention that I was updating and changing this post at the same time you were commenting on it, so your comment may or may not be pertinent to the post. Thanks for stopping by.


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