Liars and Opinions

Well, it looks like the NAACP has released their report saying that the Tea Party are bigots that promote Jew-bashing and racism.

I beg to differ. I have been to only one Tea Party meeting, but I have been intensively following the Tea Party, and I have seen NO evidence of anything of the sort. Given that they previously accused the Tea Party of racism, yet were unable to provide a single example of such, I’d have to say that it seems obvious that they have an agenda. They have it in for the Tea Party and they will say anything to discredit them.

Just like most other liberals.

It is so obvious that the NAACP is spreading misinformation at best, or outright lying at worst, that they are now irrelevant. If an organization is consistently wrong or consistently lies, then why would anybody listen to them? Bye, bye, NAACP.


Regarding O’Reilly’s visit to The View, in which Joy Behar and Whoopie Goldberg walked off the set: What O’Reilly said was this: “building a mosque near Ground Zero is inappropriate because Muslims killed us there.”

This is a true and factual statement – full stop, end of story.

Why did Joy and Whoopie get offended when presented with an undeniably factual statement? In my opinion, because they were determined to interpret O’Reilly’s statement as a prejudice. I suppose, because they see the resentment of the mosque at ground zero as prejudice based. It’s not, really; but they want to see it that way. In their minds, anybody who disagrees with building a mosque there must be prejudiced, by definition.

They are clearly wrong about that, however. It’s only a datapoint of one, but I don’t hate Muslims in particular; and I personally think the mosque at ground zero would be inappropriate, for several reasons.

Having said that, I understand completely O’Reilly’s statements about the problem that Islam is to the rest of the world. They are like the Borg: “You will be assimilated! Resistance is futile!” And I don’t want to be assimilated. So we may have a problem at some point, and, yes, I will resist any effort of Islam to infiltrate and turn our country, as they have done in France and are doing in England. The results there have not been good for the natives.

But I don’t hate them. It’s not hate for Muslims – it’s love for Christ, and my way of life. We’ve got a great thing going here in this country, if we can keep the liberals from giving it away, and I want to protect it – from anybody that threatens it.

– Popgun

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