Early Voting

Tomorrow, I’m going to Early Vote. I acquired a copy of the ballot from the internet, and I went down the list and researched everything I could find on every single candidate, all parties, all positions. I examined what they believe, and compared it to what I believe.

I found myself examining certain specific things about each candidate. The issues I found most likely to be relevant to me, in no particular order, were:

Abortion – I won’t vote for anybody who is pro-abortion. Or, less than totally anti-abortion.

Statism – I won’t vote for anybody who wants more government. We need less government. WAY less.

Fiscal responsibility – The government needs to cut spending radically – downsize, laying off a large percentage of government employees – and cut taxes across the board, to give the economy a true stimulus, and so those that are laid off can get a job in the private sector. At the same time, cut the red tape on business. I once calculated that it takes the total tax revenue of about 10 to 12 people to support each individual government employee. We need to fire every government employee who is not absolutely necessary. Let them get productive jobs in the private sector, rather than parasitic jobs in the public sector. This increase in efficiency alone will make big improvements in our economy.

Fair Tax – Replacing the income tax and most other federal taxation, this would be a boon. I’m in favor. And, we could lay off the entire IRS! (See previous point).

Guns. I am pro-gun, pro Second Amendment. I think everybody that is sane and not a crook should have one. Any sign that a candidate is not pro-Second Amendment and they instantly lose my vote.

Health Care – repeal ObamaCare as soon as possible! If we can’t do that until Obama is out of office, then defund it, in January. This should be the first order of business of the next Congress.

Environmentalism – while I do believe in protecting our environment, it has turned into a political correctness football that the left uses to their advantage. I vote against any candidate that is in favor of cap and trade, or any other radical environmental agenda. In its pure form, environmentalism is a good idea, but it MUST be backed up by real, verifiable facts, and it MUST be done in such a way that we don’t shoot ourselves in the head to protect the grass under our feet.

Closed Borders – I am against the illegal variant of immigrant. We need closed borders. Period. If illegals want to be legals, let them use the legal system that already exists, to become legal. One other thing – they need to integrate with us; not the other way around.

Oddly enough, Democrats consistently failed every one of these tests. Go figure. I’m voting the straight Republican ticket, this time.

GO VOTE! THIS IS THE TIME for those who love our country to step forward – and save it from those who want to turn it into something vulgar!

– Popgun

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