The Fallacy of All Welfare States

The ultimate logical fallacy of all welfare states is this:

No government can give you anything that it does not take from someone else.

From this key fact, I reason that all such governments will ultimately drive humanity to abject poverty because governments do not produce wealth – they only take, from those who do produce wealth. And since they always take a house percentage – the overhead cost of running the government itself, all those employees, salaries, benefits, waste, fraud, welfare, social programs, and everything actually owned by the government – is paid for by the increase in wealth of the private sector over time: the profit.

That wealth is not a static pool; private sector business builds wealth. However, the bigger the government, the higher the cost of government; and it is borne on the backs of the wealth garnered by individual citizens. There is a limit to how quickly the private sector can generate new wealth. When the government grows uncontrollably, and especially when it starts harvesting the wealth of the talented to give to those not so endowed, the cost spirals out of control, until the new wealth generated is not able to keep up with the government’s demand for more income. They will take everything, and bleat for more.

That’s where we are at, folks. Our illustrious government has passed that point some time ago and is now operating on credit. Of course they want more taxes!

For the health of the private sector businesses and individuals, we need much smaller government, that is less of a hindrance to those of us who want to be productive. We need much less “oversight” and intrusion from government busybodies. No other direction forward is sustainable. It’s all about the cost. Sure, fairyland would be a neat place to live – but it has to be paid for. Wishing won’t make it so. Ignoring the state of our federal checkbook won’t make it so, either – although we can write hot checks for a while, before it catches up with us. That’s what the Democrats have been doing.

The Democrats have been trying to make fairyland come true; and they’ve been ignoring the financial reality. I’d go so far as to state that they are delusional. They just don’t see the problem with spending huge amounts of money we simply don’t have.

I just hope this election cycle has not come too late to save our country. Go, VOTE for the conservatives of your choice. We need adults, that can balance a checkbook, to be running things again.


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