Well, I Thought I Was Done…

Well, I thought I was done here, but I just can’t let this go, unremarked.

Obama, all of a sudden, wants to give seniors a $250 “economic recovery payment” since the cost of living did not go up enough to allow the standard “raise” that seniors usually get. As mandated by law.

Odd, that this should come up at this time. Probably just a < snort, cough > coincidence, of course.

Just out of curiosity, can your vote be bought for $250?

Some people think everybody has a price. And apparently, a pretty low price, at that. Oh, but – it’s probably just a coincidence. How many people here actually believe that Obama is, in this case, actually motivated by caring for the welfare of seniors?


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One Response to Well, I Thought I Was Done…

  1. Terry says:

    $20 bucks will buy you a tank of gas in a Smart.

    Please, what an insult! The last time seniors actually got a meaningful raise was in 1980, 14.3%…since then the highest raise that they have had was a 5.8% in 2009. .. .. Kinda short for anything…now this year they get nothing and next year as well?. . .. I’m gonna buy stock in Alpo.

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