I’m About Done Here, I Think.

I think I’m about done here. This blog was originally created to voice pretty much whatever I had on my mind. Because so much of this was the current state of politics, I recently created another blog, Popgun’s Notebooks, for my non-political musings. I will continue to write on that blog, and I may, very occasionally, post another entry here – so please check back every once in a while.

It seems to me now that a great many more people are now paying attention to what our government is doing and the direction it is going – and are horrified by what they see. This is clearly a result of the Obama administration’s radical left / redistributionist agenda, which resulted in the Tea Party and this growth of awareness in general. So, in short, my voice is really no longer needed to help spur this awareness, to whatever small extent it may have contributed.

I have always attributed my sources whenever I quoted, but here is a recap of my primary sources; these provide frequent, current news that covers the same situations I have blogged about.

Fox News is the only major news media that will attempt to give you all the facts. They attempt to be unbiased, regardless of what the other MSM outlets say. The reason Fox is important is that the MSM demonstrably and regularly omits facts that they find inconvenient – and Fox does not. You cannot make good decisions without all the facts, so go to Fox News.

Hot Air is a group of conservative bloggers who have good informational sources and often insightful viewpoints. They are frequently the first to notice when our government is doing something shady. These people are sharp.

Fox Nation is Fox’s conservative political blog. It is kind of like Hot Air, but a little more like regular news in the style, and a bit slower to update.

The Drudge Report is a conglomerator of conservative, mostly political articles with regular news mixed in. It is updated frequently and, like Hot Air, sometimes good information shows up sooner here than elsewhere.

John Lott’s Website is, well, John Lott’s blog. John Lott is an economist and statistician who wrote “More Guns, Less Crime”, now in its third edition; an excellent book that makes clear, from empirical evidence, the case against more gun control. His blog addresses politics, particularly related to guns and economics, but also more generally. I’ve read a couple of his books, and I will respect anything this man wants to say. Almost anything you hear related to gun control is opinion. However, John Lott brings irrefutable statistical science and research to the debate. This book was instrumental in my decision to get, and use, a concealed handgun license.

Bayou Renaissance Man is a private individual blog by a very sharp individual. He has many interesting articles on many subjects. He is included here because he periodically blogs about the economy and politics in a very insightful and detailed way. And he has been around the block a few times, too – he knows some stuff.

Ann Coulter’s blog updates about once a week with her column. She is sharp, incisive, witty, and frequently dead on in her assessment of what the liberals are doing. She has strong opinions, backed up by strong logic.

There are quite a few more, but these are my main sources. If you came here, I hope you will go to each of these also, going forward. Be informed – and VOTE every chance you get – it is important, and your vote does count!

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P.S. Don’t forget about Popgun’s Notebooks!

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4 Responses to I’m About Done Here, I Think.

  1. Brigid says:

    I’ll update your link! Glad you will still be posting.

    • popgun says:

      Hi, Brigid;

      Thanks for coming by! I do plan to keep blogging, I am just going to do less of it about politics. It means a lot to me that you stop by, as yours is one blog I read every morning, with enjoyment.

      Warmest regards,

  2. David says:

    I really hate to see you go from the amount of post you have been doing, I have been reading since you did your post about the cataract surgery (it helped me not worry about it) and you post have always been a worthwhile addition to my day.. David

    • popgun says:

      Hi, David;

      I’m glad that it was useful to you. I do plan to continue blogging, just at a much lower volume on the political side. Thanks for stopping by!


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